They recreate the anime’s last opening in Elden Ring

Ring of Elden

Ring of Elden

Shingeki no Kyojin and Ring of Elden These are two of the trending titles at the moment. The first due to premiere of its latest episodewhile the second is a success with critics and the public.

Given the popularity of both works, it is not surprising that share lots of fans and that they devote their time to creating fanarts or videos inspired by these works and sharing them on their social networks.

This is the case of the user of the social network ICT Tac lesteetssweetmeatwho recreated the last opening from the Serie, The rumble, using footage from FromSoftware’s latest title and its trailers. This video has exceeded half a million views on this social network and has been shared on others, like this one on Twitter.

The video is edited as if it were an anime opening, including in the credits the people who worked on the development of the title, highlighting its creators Hideata Miyazaki and George RR Martin.

The official music video is a tribute to the series

Just a few days ago, the group of interpreters of The Rumbling released the official music video for this song on their YouTube channel, which is full of scenes and references that only fans will understand.