This 30 W charger with USB-C is incredible for only 18.99 euros


The charger of the famous firm has dropped significantly in price.

When it comes to recharging the batteries of our devices, whether they are phones, tablets, laptops or smart watches, among other things, it must be ensured that during this time the batteries do not suffer one iota. And what better than with one of the chargers more stable and better built like this 30W Belkin for just €18.99. The starting price of this charger was 39.99 euros, a price closer to what Belkin offers in its high-end products.

You save more than half of its official price. Remember that Belkin is a firm that goes hand in hand with Apple, and that it manufactures very good quality products and resistance to time. It is a simple charger, with only one port, but it won’t let your gadgets battery deteriorate due to power surge at home anytime.

Buy a good charger for 18.99 euros (recommended retail price €39.99)

Belkin 30W charger with Xiaomi 12

The Belkin 30W charger is one of the best buys for this price

This charger has a single USB-C port to ensure that all energy supplied is of 30W max, depending on the compatibility of your device. To have smart chargingthus your gadget will not receive more power than it supports, even if it is less than 30W.

The Belkin charger is very light, with so only 80 grams of weight you can carry it in your pocket, in a laptop bag or in any suitcase if you prefer. is a loader very compactmore than most you can find on the market today.

It’s a great charger It is composed of gallium nitride (GaN) with which it is possible to generate less heat when charging by putting the same number of components in another silicone charger (more widespread) in a smaller space. That is to say, we have more power in a smaller size.

The charger comes alone, without cables, but if you prefer, you can buy some of the best USB-C cables on the market to be able to charge your devices in the best possible way. In the era of wireless chargers (or not), Belkin is still betting everything on the good materials, durability and efficiency.

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