This artificial intelligence seeks to reduce the gender gap on Wikipedia

An algorithm of artificial intelligence developed by a meta-researcher will attempt to reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia articles. Angela Fan, an expert in artificial intelligence, has created a model that can generate women’s biographies from information from the web and write them in encyclopedic format.

Using artificial intelligence, the model searches for relevant information about the person on the Internet, builds a biography and incorporates a citation system that links to sources. According to Fan, the system is a response to the lack of representation on Wikipedia.

Of all the biographies found in the encyclopedia, barely a fifth are of women. A Wikimedia report made it clear that 15% of editors are women, and white men from Europe and North America make up the majority of editors. Wikimedians.

This is important because it influences the publication of biographies and other Wikipedia articles.

How to write a Wikipedia biography using artificial intelligence?

WikiSum process for creating a Wikipedia biography. Picture: Lens

The algorithm captures the relevant information about the person, writes the paragraph, and embeds the quotes to link to the source. Model is based on the structure of a biography on Wikipedia (Early Years, Education, Career, Acknowledgments, etc.) and reproduces each section.