This artificial intelligence wants to revolutionize film dubbing

The use of artificial intelligence it’s becoming a constant across many industries, including entertainment. One of the most obvious examples of how AI could change the course of cinema is the fake deep. This technique has already rejuvenated Luke Skywalker by The Mandalorian and viralized Tom Cruise on TikTok. Now this technology wants to do the same in the foreign film dubbing in order to reach more audiences.

Adapt Entertainment, a Tel Aviv-based company, has developed technology that performs voice acting using artificial intelligence. Known as PLATO, the neural AI rendering process convert series and movies into another language with the help of the original actors.

Unlike the fake deep As far as we know, Adapt’s proposal is to record the actor saying his lines in another language. This is done in the post-movie sessions where the actors sit in front of several cameras and record their dialogue. His performance is recorded from different angles and later is merged with the original footage using artificial intelligence.

The first film to use this technology is The champion, a Polish drama set during World War II. According to Maciej Barczewski, director of the film, PLATO is a paradigm shift in international films. The audience you won’t depend on subtitles or lose the original message of film.

Artificial intelligence would help get rid of bad dubbing of films and series

Adapt’s technology goes beyond conventional dubbing and records the actor’s mouth movements and expressions. Darryl Marks, founder of the company, said in an interview with packaging which plate is not a fake deep.