This is how Robert Englund joined the cast

In November 2020, explosive news arrived. The legendary Robert Englundfamous for playing Freddy Kruger in freddie (Nightmare on Elm Street), joins the cast of stranger things 4. Now that the Netflix series has stepped on the accelerator with its advertising campaign, more details have been revealed about how the aforementioned actor, quite unexpectedly, joined the story set in Hawkins.

In an interview with IGNMatt and Ross Duffer, creators of stranger thingsrevealed that it was Robert Englund himself who approached the production to be considered. This process, of course, is very atypical in the cinematographic world. And it is that it is usually the people in charge of a production who undertake recruitment to find the ideal actors for each role. Of course, Englund is not a figure in the world of terror.

“The fact that he came to see us in a season so deeply inspired by Nightmare and for his performance, especially in those films, it felt like a thing of fate. It was like, ‘Okay, it’s meant to be,'” Matt Duffer said.

We know that Robert Englund will play Victor Creela character that we have already seen in the recent trailer of stranger things 4. This is a serial killer that in 1959 he killed his entire family (wife and two children). For this reason, he is incarcerated in the psychiatric hospital of Pennhurst. His participation will have an important weight in the story of the fourth season, since we will even see his young version interpreted by actor Kevin L. Johnson.

This week has been key stranger things 4 regarding promotion. First, Netflix released a trailer which inevitably raised expectations for the series. Terror, mystery and action will be the components that will support the new episodes. One of the elements that caught the most attention of the advance was the Watch which appears at the beginning. As Ross Duffer commented, “It’s a really essential part of the mystery that our group at Hawkins is trying to solve. So I don’t want to give away too much other than to say that this watch plays a very, very important. moving forward.” .”

We cannot fail to mention next tothe new villain stranger things 4. In the trailer, you hear him speak in an eerie voice and he puts on a truly terrifying appearance. About this character, Ross Duffer expressed:

“We wanted an on-set presence that our actors could react to, whereas in season three they reacted to a beach ball. We wanted something that we could film, and I think that makes this villain scarier. , more real and tangible.”, and we’re really excited for people to see that this season.”

Remember that stranger things 4 will be divided into two parts. The first one will come out next May 27while the second will wait July 1st. Without a doubt, this is Netflix’s biggest card of 2022.