This is how we’re done with Elon Musk as Twitter’s maximum shareholder

Elon Musk is the maximum shareholder of twitter. Another news that no one would expect – at least it is not so dramatic, depending on who is watching it – that leaves us this triennium 2020-2022 which seems never to end in unthinkable events. Although Musk had a lot of financial muscle for years to acquire the social network that became his main speaker, and in some cases also Tesla’s biggest marketing platform, his entry as the largest shareholder with 9.2% shares and to the board of directors opens a stage full of very open ideas for the future.

On hypertextual We’ve already told you how it looks like Twitter will initially be able to contain Musk, as well as his standoff with current CEO Parag Agrawal over the departure of his friend Jack Dorsey late last year, or the tycoon’s accusations about limiting freedom of expression. We don’t know what will come of it, but, as observers, the future of Twitter as a business can be very entertaining. Perhaps, those yes, as users not so much.

The truth is, earthquakes at the top of Twitter are definitely not something new. From its four co-founders and the push and pull they had, out, back and back to finally quitting Jack Dorsey again, all of Twitter’s positions and majority shareholders have always been in a continuous dance. appearances. Already in 2010, New York Times interviewed Evan Williams, the veteran of the group of co-founders, who said that “Twitter’s Founding Story Changes Depending on Who You Ask”.

“Twitter’s Founding Story Changes Depending on Who You Ask”

Evan Williams

Twitter has gone through three CEOs in two years, and its whole story is much more lively, sometimes dark, but as fun as its friendly blue bird promises. And all this, with continuous attempts at profitability that have not yet been consolidated.