This is the electric Jaguar XK140 that David Beckham bought

David Beckham he has no trouble opening the wallet, especially if it is a wedding gift. The Manchester United and Real Madrid star has bought his son, Brooklyn Beckham, a Electric Jaguar XK140. The car is the work of Lunaz, a British company dedicated to converting classic models into electric vehicles.

The Jaguar XK140 is based on a 1954 model and features a light blue chassis and cream colored interiors. Like others converted by the company, the aesthetics of this car remain intact. Lunaz’s electric XK140 offers upgraded brakes, suspension and steeringas well as suitable instrumentation to display information on battery charge levels.

The restoration was made possible by a team of 120 people who put “thousands of hours” into modernizing the classic. “By creating this beautiful and electrified Jaguar XK140, we are honored to bridge the gap between David Beckham’s professional life, where he is an investor in Lunaz, and his family life.” said David Lorenz, founder and CEO of the British company.

David Beckham owns 10% of the shares of Lunaz, a company whose offices are located opposite the legendary Silverstone circuit in England. The company was founded in 2018 by Lorenz on the principle of converting classic cars into electric cars. “There’s no better proposition than a timeless aesthetic powered by the powertrain of the future,” reads the web.

How was David Beckham’s electric Jaguar XK140 created?

According to Lunaz, the electrification process begins with a complete restoration down to the metal. Each car is weighed in detail and laser scanned to ensure technical perfection every step of the way. The team of engineers, designers and specialists combine traditional construction and restoration skills with modern techniques to adapt them to current needs.