This is what WhatsApp communities look like to manage groups

The instant messaging service presented tools on Thursday to make it easier to create and manage chats with colleagues or members of a community with a common interest. This new function is called WhatsApp Communities or WhatsApp communities and allows the administrator to manage several groups linked to each other or to send notifications that will be notified differently from the messages of other participants.

This novelty responds to the use made by users of the application, which is not only used to communicate with family and friends, but is also part of the way groups are used to talk about a common interest, organize work meetings or organize a dinner. between former classmates.

WhatsApp communities will not be like Telegram

In Telegram, its main competitor, communities are one of its strengths, where thousands of users can learn or discuss their interests. It is also the key to the Discord service, and a function that had been neglected since WhatsApp, since the functions of a small messaging group are not enough to effectively moderate an amount with many users. Of course, WhatsApp communities are collections of small groups, and the company does not intend to offer the creation of massive channels like Telegram. In its blog, WhatsApp states that “while other messaging apps offer chats to hundreds of thousands of people, we are focused on improving the experience you have with the groups that are part of your life. “.

These communities will continue to use the end-to-end encryption used by the service in group and individual chats.

WhatsApp Communities will be available later this year in a dedicated tab within the app for iOS and Android.

Group chat improvements

The WhatsApp communities will allow better management of the different groups, and within these the company has also announced improvements:

  • Now, chat windows will no longer be filled with applause and heart emojis every time a group participant says something the others like, since it will be possible to react to the message without having to send any a. These reactions already exist in Telegram, Discord or Slack, and serve to reduce noise within the service.
  • The admin can delete posts he deems appropriate because they are irrelevant or because they are offensive. It is a basic moderation tool which until now did not exist in WhatsApp.
  • Files up to 2 GB in size can be sent.
  • Voice calls can now have up to 32 participants.

Most striking are the reactions with emojis, which will arrive soon, and which Will Cathcart, director of WhatsApp, showed how it works on his Twitter account: