This rare Apple-1 hand-engraved by Steve Jobs costs more than $250,000


One of the favorites of Apple collectors will be auctioned in May!

A rare, fully functional example of the initial batch of computers Apple-1 and the first with a serial number hand authenticated by Jobs, received an offer over $250,000during the Goldin auction which will culminate on Saturday, May 21.

The price is determined by the few surviving copies of Apple-1in addition to being the first product created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when Apple Computer was founded. Apple-1 models usually fetch high prices due to their rarity, but the copy that topped $250,000 additionally has the hand-signed registry number 7, nothing more and nothing less than Steve Jobs.

This curious object of desire among collectors of technological nostalgia is the first machine from the first batch to be auctioned in many years.

Ready to use

This rare Apple-1 hand-engraved by Steve Jobs costs more than $250,000

Apple-1 signed by Jobs at auction

Former Apple pioneer Daniel Kottke discovered that the machine is in good condition and has its power supply and other components, including a Sanyo VM-4509 monitor and a Datanetics keyboard. The sale includes a cassette interface, power supply, connection cables and a reproduction of the original user manual signed by Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne with the caption: Think different!

The offer currently ranks seventh in the Apple 1 chart. It is the first of a lot to be auctioned in the next few years and bears an authorized serial number, marked serial 01-0050.

Hundreds to thousands of dollars

Apple-1 computers are known to be very hard to find, helping to skyrocket their value to over $700,000 per copy. The Apple-1 went on sale in 1976the same year as the creation of Apple Computer with the odd price of $666.66. Initially, only 50 machines were made and sold by the Byte Shop, a local store in Mountain View.

the first processor Apple-1 was designed in Jobs’ garagehad a wooden case, processor, 32 MHz and memory RAM, and was auctioned for $375,000.

The same time the Goldin house also offers an Apple MacTV from 1993considered as Apple’s first attempt to create a TV-computer hybrid. They are also waiting for buyers of a Steve Jobs badge, a Versace shirt and a leather wallet.

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