This Samsung Galaxy from 2014 has been updated to Android 12L thanks to LineageOS


The strange Galaxy S5 with its “band-aid” back, Samsung’s reference mobile in 2014, will receive Android 12L, but with a trick: it will do so thanks to the community via LineageOS 19.1.

It won’t be the longest device to have Android 12L Well, more than likely that prize will go to the iconic Nexus 7, although the truth is, we’re still happy that a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have the latest stable version of Android but with a trick and thanks to the community.

And indeed, the flagship from Samsung in 2014 can already boast of its eight years of staying alive at least unofficially, hosting LineageOS in version 19.1 with the base of Android 12L and therefore with all the improvements of this intermediate version that Google has launched with foldables and tablets in the spotlight.

galaxy s5

Samsung’s 2014 flagship, the Galaxy S5, gets Android 12L, albeit with a twist.

Our colleagues at xda-developers told us about it, who else, because most of the news from nail scenes android that many believed forgottenbut it actually still works to bring unofficial builds and new experimental versions of already discontinued smartphones and with its support ceased even many years ago, as is the case here.

It therefore seems that, without a doubt, we can already confirm that Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s most fan-friendly top of the line turn signalwho can now try a Port Fully functional Android 12L based on improvements from the Android Open Source Project and LineageOS.

The 2014 Galaxy S4 is confirmed to be the top of the line from Samsung that fans of “blinking” will have to buy, because at eight years old this particular smartphone will allow us to test Android 12L unofficially and with the LineageOS mask.

At almost 10 years old, it is the oldest device to receive (hack) Android 12L

He was a popular developer known as khalva who was in charge of a work still in versions alpha and that it may not be too stable but it is one hundred percent functional and available for several of the Galaxy S5 sub-models, still in LTE variants with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset.

the versions available They are for the “klte” (SM-G900F/M/R4/R7/T/V/W8), “kltechn” (SM-G9006V/8V) and “klteduos” (SM-G900FD/MD) models:

They say in the comments that this initial release of LineageOS 19.1 for the Galaxy S5 is surprisingly stable, but obviously not recommended for everyday use on a bedside smartphone be treated as it is a totally experimental ROM.

Besides, Android 12L improvements won’t be overly appreciated on a screen the size of this 2014 Galaxy S, at 5.1 inches, so maybe it’s better to look for LineageOS but with Android 12 basewhich is obviously already much more worked.

At least there’s a chance to still try new flavors of Android eight years later!

Android 12L is now official: all the news and compatible mobiles

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