this spy series, produced by Will Smith, is addictive

An Apple TV+ series that has a theme intro with the voice of Mick Jaggerfor Gary Oldman already protagonist Jonathan Price within the cast, she does not run the risk of being bad, but that the wishes for her are unattainable. To draw a parallel: it was impossible for the end of Game Of Thrones satisfies all viewers. Oldman’s production, titled slow horses, is poles apart from the story mentioned. This reference is only an example. It’s not that ambitious either, but it does create an engaging atmosphere, interesting enough to make you want to progress through the chapters.

slow horses is an adaptation of six chapters of the homonymous novel written by Mick Heronwith Will Smith within the production team. It’s a story in which one of the protagonists fails during a mission to MI5 (the British intelligence service) and ends up in an administrative area, which bears the name of the series. Part of the story is understanding power relations, while this member, embodied by Jack Lowden under the name of Cartwright Rivertry to clarify the facts and save another person involved.

In this narrative predominate suspicion, intrigue, fear and, sometimes, action, in a context of police drama. An error brings different power groups into conflict. This dispute leaves explicit moments in terms of violence, as the stories of the various characters develop and the pulse of power intensifies.

slow horses and another impressive performance from Gary Oldman

With shows like spirit hunter (David Fincher) positioned as a kind of paradigm, when it comes to detective stories, or real detective, Slow Horses falls short of aspirations. The detail is that this production drinks a few things, without forgetting that it is a series on espionage and that it does not want to supplant them in terms of production. For this reason, it should be remembered that this is an adaptation and not a story in which the production and direction have complete creative freedom.

However, it is not out of place. For good measure, because Gary Oldman shines (again). In the role of jackson lampthe person responsible for slow horses, the actor fills the screen appearance after appearance. At first, he appears as some sort of god, oblivious to the various conflicts, managing the threads from his desk, until events cause him to get involved. The actor delivers moments of intimidating seriousness and others where it seems impossible not to laugh.