this was the most famous butler

In the Batman universe, there are several essential elements. From his classic costume, the batmobile, the batcave to Wayne Manor and his villains. In the context of the batman, there are all sorts of perceptions and symbols about his divided morality, his disturbing duality and power. But rarely is anything shown about the character beyond the cape and mask. And one of those rare occasions is to analyze his relationship with his butler, ally, accomplice and father figure. Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth.

Alfred was a difficult figure in comics to define. In the role, Alfred raised Bruce after the death of his parents and later Dick Grayson. He’s also a complicated character with a strange personal history as a former British Secret Service agent, where he served as an expert surgeon. Also in the comics, the character went from comic relief to an ambiguous and sometimes even dangerous figure.

For your arrival at the cinema, Alfred became part of the idea of ​​a humanized Batman. A red thread to the less obsessed dimension of the character with his fight against crime. The relationship between the two has also been explored to show Alfred’s importance, not only as a legal guardian, but as Batman’s only parent. In Batman’s diminished emotional world, the butler-turned-protector holds tremendous value.

And that’s why it’s interesting to take a look at the character that has been present in each film adaptation. We leave you a tour through the figure of Alfred for each of its versions on the big screen and its impact on the figure of Batman. Also for the latest version of Batmanavailable on HBO Max from April 18.

Alfred by Tim Burton

With a neat English accent, stolid sense of humor and unwavering loyalty, Gough played an aged Alfred in the Burton universe. There are few hints about his background, although it’s clear he was part of young Bruce Wayne’s roster. Burton didn’t include much context around the character, but he did work on the relationship between the two. In the midst of puns and complicit silences, Alfred becomes a comforting, kind and warm presence. In addition, of course, an emotional ally and an effective accomplice in the life of the character.

However, Michael Keaton’s relationship with Bruce retains form: For much of the film, he emotionally calls his son “I love Bruce.” That even if for Batman: Foreverr its importance in the life of Bruce Wayne played by George Clooney is obvious.

The Alfred in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy

Christian Bale’s Batman is far more subversive, rebellious, and out of control than Keaton’s, who was pensive and brooding. Nolan therefore endowed him with an emotional butler and a father with a strong character. With an emotional, assertive and direct performance, Alfred de Caine is not only a father figure, he is also a loyal and wise adviser.

Not all orphans have an Alfred to protect them. Pictures from Warner Bros.

Of course, as Bale’s Batman grows more fearless and takes more and more risks, Caine becomes a more stoic figure. Finally, the break between the two is one of the hardest moments of The dark knight rises, as well as his eulogy at Bruce Wayne’s grave. He also uses the Master Bruce treatment, although in emotional moments he calls the hero by his first name.