three things to know before watching the series

moon knight is about to join the list of Marvel productions on Disney + and do it, moreover, in a place of honor. The story of the anti-hero who fights against the supernatural, the world of madness and fantastic elements, astonished the first critics. It is also rumored that it is not only Marvel’s most atypical product, but also the one that will open up new spaces for the franchise.

It seems the right time for the arrival of the enigmatic moon knight performed by Oscar Isaac. After all, the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The sequel to Stephen Strange’s story, with Benedict Cumberbatch at the helm, has been described as “a supernatural adventure”. But with Sam Raimi handling the director’s credits, we can expect a lot more than that. At the same time, it is emphasized that the new series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an unprecedented narrative and discursive experience.

Wanda Vision it opened the doors to certain types of complex stories about tormented characters. Falcon and the Winter Soldier to more elaborate ideas than previously the Marvel Cinematic Universe had included in its stories. Such Loki like Hawkeye, these are ingenious looks at the extremes of phase 4 of The House of Ideas. So that moon knight it could really bridge the gap between Marvel’s supernatural world and a deeper psychological approach. This as it becomes more apparent that this is an anomalous item in Marvel productions.

Has elements of the horror genre

Marc Spector’s character has spent much of his comedic life in the realm of the supernatural. From his origin story and his relationship with the Egyptian pantheon to his allies. Marvel’s anti-hero is probably one of the most sinister characters within the publishing world.

He also belonged to two specific teams in the Marvel Universe. On the one hand, the Midnight Sons, which includes characters such as Blade and Ghost Rider. At the other extreme, also with the debut of Legions of Monsters. This includes his connections to mysterious characters like Werewolf by Night. and N’Kantu the Living Mummy.