Tim Cook again hints at an augmented reality device, Apple Glass?

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Tim Cook had a chat with the China Daily media after WWDC 2022 and provided some references on Apple Glass. There is no doubt that augmented reality is very close to Apple.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was interviewed remotely by China Daily media last week during WWDC 2022. In this interview, Cook the future of augmented reality has been mocked. He left a little message saying “customers should be vigilant”.

Is Apple Glass a fact or not? That’s what Tim Cook says

In this talk, Tim Cook highlighted the countless apps that take advantage of ARKit in the App Store. He put the number of 14,000 apps (maybe more) that provide this experience to millions of consumers around the world. In a mocking tone, he mentioned what “customers expect” What is Apple Glass? He said he couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities available to him in space.

Tim Cook talks about augmented reality

Tim Cook talks about augmented reality

There is no doubt that the technology surrounding augmented reality is very close to Apple. It’s hard to deny that Apple isn’t working on a 100% dedicated product.. This can be verified with analysis by Jeff Pu of Haitong International Tech Research (as seen by 9to5Mac). Apple’s AR glasses are already in a design-driven development phase.

It will take a few more years to see this product come to fruition.

As with other devices, the iPhone, iPad and even the Mac, we will have to wait a little longer to see Apple Glass on the matter. Regarding what was published with Jeff Pu, the product will be announced in the second half of 2024. Ahead, there will be a Mixed Reality-focused product and it could be released in late 2023. These are two great new products that can once again change Apple’s history.

Apple glasses 2023

Apple mixed reality glasses concept

The interview ended with an important statement from Tim Cook. is excited, he is because he knows the importance of “putting humanity at the center”. He sees it as fundamental to any technology and that’s what they focus on every day.

Any upcoming rumors or leaks will be entirely focused on these products for years to come. Let’s not be surprised if at some point they steal the show instead of the next iPhone in turn.

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