Tokyo Vice by Michael Mann

The next series premiere Deputy Tokyo HBO Max, which marks Michael Mann’s return to directing, has become a phenomenon. It is the first work signed by the director after a long absence. Also, your feedback and review of many of your favorite topics.

The plot, which revolves around a Western journalist who will come into contact with Japanese organized crime, has aroused great curiosity. Especially because in Mann’s hands, could become a full-fledged exploration of Japanese culture’s most violent underworld.

However, beyond its obvious benefits as a television plot, the show also incorporates an element of considerable interest. Its screenplay is not the work of the imagination of the group of screenwriters led by Jake Adelstein, JT Rogers, Jessica Brickman and Karl Taro Greenfeld. In fact, it is based on the real experience – bloody and almost fatal – that the journalist had Jake Adelsteinwhose book was published in 2009.

“Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan” became a bestseller over the next decade. At the same time, in a first-hand testimony on the violence which surprises by its rawness. Adelstein’s experience is not just a first-hand view of violence in Japan. It is also a story of great interest in understanding the illicit balance of power between the Yakuza and other criminal organizations.

A history of violence

For Adelstein, it was a baptism of fire. Aged just 24, the journalist began his long investigation in 1993 and pursued it for twelve years. Little by little, what It started as a remote analysis of the Asian criminal world, but it evolved into something more complex.