Top 5 Bruce Willis Movies You Can Stream

To the sadness of a considerable number of moviegoers, Bruce Willis announced his retirement due to a serious health problem. The diagnosis of aphasia, which the actor and his family made known to the public a few weeks ago, put an end to a long and successful career. The one that has also marked a good part of contemporary pop culture and made the actor an icon of action cinema. This despite the questionable nature of his decisions in the projects in which he has participated in recent years. But Willis continues to be an idol for his particular personality and for having been part of projects of considerable interest.

Currently, Bruce Willis is best known for his large collection of films without much relevance in the cinematographic panorama. But, for more than thirty years, the actor was a symbol of success. Since its appearance in crystal jungle John McTiernan in 1988, up to his performance in the horror classic The sixth sense by M.Night Shyamalan. Willis’ career has touched all registers and genres of cinema. It also showed the performer’s versatility to create amazing characters in a simple and surprising way.

So his retirement ends in a way, perhaps prematurely, a long story full of ups and downs but always full of imagination and creativity. Bruce Willis managed to push the boundaries of what commercial cinema is supposed to be. And he managed to create a collection of titles that includes great plot experiments, absurd boldness and also mocking humor.

To remember the importance of the actor in the seventh art, we leave you a list with five of his best films and where you can see them. A tribute to a long career, most of the time unusual and on some occasions even inexplicable. But always with the mocking gaze of Willis on the limits of traditional cinema. A gesture of rebellion that his fans will thank him forever.

crystal jungle

John McClane (Bruce Willis) just wants to have a peaceful Christmas with his wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) and maybe set things right between them. But the plan falls through when Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) decides the time has come for the heist of the century. The big ’80s action flick didn’t make much of a revamp of the genre.. It also doesn’t change how the traditional action hero has been understood up to this point. But it did both and achieved it with an unexpected twist: humanizing its protagonist.

Willis’ John McClane is a cop who wants to do the right thing. The one who goes barefoot and only with his regulation weapon in tow to face a sophisticated criminal organization. But he will do it because it is his duty and also because he has no other choice. The new take on the traditional “one man army” trope struck with its honesty, mocking irony, and vulnerability. But also, to be a sizable success that made Willis one of the great action genre actors of the 80s and several following ones.

crystal jungle is available on Disney+.

the big falcon

Although known for his long filmography in the action genre, Bruce Willis has devoted time to humor. And above all, in a strange, always mocking and with a touch of strange cynicism that has become the actor’s trademark. the big falcon It’s not only one of his best comedies, it’s also a total change of record from Willis’ best-known.