Trailer of the film Red in sight? This Twitter thread might confirm that.

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One Piece fans are having a very sweet time. Since the latest manga events in the Wano arc, until the recent announcement of the new video game One Piece Odyssey. To all this must be added the premiere of his new series in netflixIn addition to his film One Piece Movie Redwhich will be released this year.

New Straw Hat Pirates Color Designs

A few weeks ago, the official twitter account of the film He showed us the sketches of the New Straw Hat Pirates battle skins. Now, for the past few days, the same account has posted a thread with these same designs but in color, showing a new character each day.

While the color sketches were well received by fans of the franchise, they weren’t the most intriguing thing to see in this Twitter thread. In addition to the drawing of each of the Straw Hats, we can see a message in which a countdown is displayed. In the first tweet, the Luffya message was displayed stating that there were 10 days left, a number that was decreasing as new designs were released.

One Piece Film Red countdown ends next week

Everything seems to indicate that this account will be for a big movie announcement. Whereas we haven’t seen yet trailer in good condition and that its release date is so close –August 6-, most likely, at the end of the countdown they will show us the first trailer for the film.

For now, we must remember that it’s only speculation and at the end of the countdown, they might reveal something else entirely. Homework wait until next week When the thread is done, update with the ten Straw Hat Pirates and see what they really want to show us.