trouble comes for the actor

Sudden stoppage of production Fast and loose Netflix, starring Will Smith, appears to be another spinoff from the recent Oscar scandal. The actor’s new film has completely halted pre-production. A few weeks ago, the project encountered its first problem. Director David Leitch stepped out of the credits behind the camera and required to work on the production of scapegoat. The latter starring Ryan Reynolds in what is rumored to be a move that took Netflix by surprise. But apparently it was Will Smith’s behavior at the Oscars that ultimately led to a tacit cancellation of the shoot.

There is no official statement, but IndieWire explains that Netflix has made a drastic decision. On the one hand, completely stop production without date of reincorporation. At the other extreme, the possibility of continuing indefinitely with a director and now a different actor. There are no details about possible changes, but the movie became an awkward moment for the subscription service.

What happened is the latest in a series of Will Smith-related events after what happened at the Academy Awards. Amid the controversy surrounding it, The platform’s decision does not seem fortuitous. It could also be interpreted as a concrete symptom of what Will Smith can expect in the medium term. What started as an embarrassing event in the middle of the Oscars seems to have turned into a bigger problem for the actor.

So much so that he begins to speculate that it could have such an impact on his career in the future. Especially as it becomes clear that academia and industry do not want to let the incident pass. In reality, what appears to be an indefinite hiatus in Netflix production is another consequence of something bigger. Are Smith’s path and career in danger? This is the big question the entertainment world is analyzing right now.

From the rise to the fall from grace

It is a concrete precedent that could indicate the path that the industry and the Academy take in the face of what happened. A week after Smith surprised the world with his stage demeanor, all around him is uncertain. More precisely, because the subsequent reaction of corporations and unions has shown that the fact is in a gray area.