Turn your mobile into a webcam for your computer with DroidCam

when someone says that a smartphone is used for almost everything, it is textual. Beyond making calls, its components make it a handheld, camera, video camera, portable GPS, travel hard drive, portable game console, diary, digital notepad and a long etcetera. Precisely, thanks to its integrated camera, we can turn a phone into a webcam for video surveillance, video calls or whatever comes to mind. And with DroidCam you can make it even easier.

let’s put that you need a web camera or webcam. Good because you work from home and meet frequently over video calls. Well because you want to install a CCTV system inside or outside the house. In both cases, you can make a purchase, because there are relatively inexpensive models. Or rather, open the drawer of cables, chargers and old phones and save a smartphone from oblivion that you don’t use and that deserves a second life.

Below, we go through step-by-step everything you need to do to turn your old smartphone into a working webcam. You will save money and, in return, you will give a second chance to your old mobile device.

restore your phone

To recycle your phone and turn it into a webcam for video calls or video surveillance we will use specific software, DroidCam. But first we are going to save the phone from oblivion and prepare it for what we want. If you haven’t done so by then, it’s a good idea to make a reset so that your old device is like the first day. This will prevent old applications from consuming resources, memory or bandwidth.

To leave your phone “clean” like new, the easiest, fastest and most effective option is to return to factory settings. Whether it’s an iPhone or Android (regardless of manufacturer), do this reset it will erase customizations, settings, old files and other items. We want a clean device that he will only do a webcam.