Twitter already lets you create and share your own GIFs from iOS

The application of Twitter for iOS wants to make it easier for you to share your own GIFs. The most recent version of the application now lets you create animations using the camerawithout having to leave the social network. Without a doubt, we are facing an addition that is not revolutionary, but that is presented as very useful.

Keep in mind that GIFs have become a very popular reaction method on Twitter. We may use them both in our tweets, as in replies or when quoting third party posts. In fact, the platform allows us to choose animations from a large catalog, but it wants to go a little further.

Twitter knows that many times there will be no better way to express ourselves than through our own GIFs, and for this reason, it has decided to integrate the option to create them into iOS. And best of all, it’s a very simple process.

As posted via account Twitter supportto create an animation just tap the camera icon and go to the GIF optiondisplayed alongside the traditional Capture and Video. Once created, users will be able to preview it to verify that the end result is as desired; if so, they can insert it directly into the tweet or reply, or they can redo it.