Twitter CEO thinks Elon Musk takeover will happen

Parag AgrawalCEO of Twitterbroke a weeks-long silence on the social network with the publication of a wire in which he addressed several hot topics of the past few hours; Among them, the announcement of Elon Musk that the purchase of the social network would be temporarily suspended, of course. The company’s current executive director said that believes that the agreement will nevertheless materializebut that they must be “prepared for all scenarios”.

The executive unloaded with a series of tweets trying to add nuance to a rather complex week for the company. Let’s keep in mind that they not only had to deal with the latest statements from the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, but also with the dismissal of management positions in the Product division.

“While I look forward to the conclusion of the agreement, we must be prepared for all scenarios and always do the right thing for Twitter. I am responsible for the management and operation of Twitter, and our job is to build a stronger Twitter every day,” Agrawal said. .. one of his tweets.

But the CEO of the social network did not stop there. He also mentioned why the company would take risks knowing that it will be acquired and the panorama to be faced now. “No one at Twitter works alone to keep the lights on. We take pride in our work. Regardless of future company ownership, here we are improving Twitter as a product and a business for customers, partners, shareholders and all of you,” he said.

Twitter trembles with every statement from Elon Musk

Parag Agrawal’s statement was not only notable for its unusual length, but also for some of the terms used by the executive. In one of the tweets he used the phrase lick the duckIs lame duck, to refer to their current status in the company. It comes from the political sphere of the United States to designate the presidents who finish their mandate, knowing that it will not be renewed.

In this way, the CEO of Twitter seems to have tried to show that is no stranger to recent speculation what will happen to them once the purchase is finalized. If that happens, of course.

Ever since Elon Musk announced his $44 billion purchase of Twitter, employees have been very concerned about the possibility of layoffs. Agrawal had comforted workers by saying there were no plans to cut staff, but he was unsure what would happen once the company changed hands. But he had mentioned that his term as CEO was until the closing of the acquisition, which was then expected to happen before the end of the year.

Shortly after, it emerged that Musk himself would act as CEO once the deal is done, at least temporarily. However, Parag Agrawal made it clear that his intention was Keep working hard until the fate of the social network is determined.

“What can you expect from me in the future? I am always focused on getting the job done, and that includes making tough decisions when needed. I will continue to embrace the deep complexities of our service and our business. And you can expect more changes for the better.” said the still CEO of Twitter.