Twitter rolls back a controversial change you didn’t notice

Although all the news and developments on Twitter in recent weeks have been related to Elon Musk’s 9.2% share buyback, and his impending – but no longer – entry to the board, the company has continued to make changes. to its platform that few users have noticed, but it can be very important. The social network, in particular, reversed a controversial change that he hid these tweets inserted into websites that were later taken down.

Twitter, remember, allows you to link posts to web pages. These are displayed through a kind of widget with a design very similar to the tweet. Adding, in addition, the different means that the user could have included. If the author removes this post, the platform removes the widget from websites that previously embedded the tweet, but keep the text in a quote format. This allows you to give context to a story based on, for example, this post, even if the user has deleted this tweet.

However, at the end of March, the company has completely ruled out the possibility of a previously deleted tweet being inserted on a website. According to Eleanor HardingTwitter’s senior product manager, to “better respect when people choose to delete their Tweets”.

This is how tweets embedded in websites that have been taken down by their authors have been displayed for weeks.

Developer Kevin Marks, however, explained on his blog why removing the quotes from those deleted tweets was a bad decision. “It’s a manipulation of public records. Any news article that quotes a tweet from the former president, like this one from vox.comnow it will have an inconsistent hole,” he commented.

Twitter goes back and starts showing deleted tweets again

Twitter eventually reverted this change and reposted deleted tweets, but have already been embedded in websites. Again, a quote is displayed with the original text of this message. The company also sent a small statement to Tech Crunch confirm this change and ensure they are working on a more viable option.