Twitter rolls back and removes ‘Most Recent Tweets’ tab

Again, we can choose the chronological timeline on Twitter. The company has decided undo changes you posted a few days agowith which he planned to put a twist on the way we see the publications that not really liked to the general public.

The previous update segmented our house into two parts. With the first, we saw the tweets in an order decided by the application’s algorithm; while in the second tab we could access the most recent tweets, which allowed us to view the content in chronological order. However, unlike the proposal prior to said update, the selected tab it always restarted when quitting the app and re-entering. This way, each time, we had to go through the Twitter Home run by the platform’s algorithm beforehand, even if we only wanted to see the most recent posts.

Now, however, the application decided to revert to its previous version. Thus, we can choose which Timeline we prefer, whether the algorithm-driven one, or the chronological mode. The advantage of this option is that saves the user’s preferred setting until he decides to change it, so we won’t have to go through the process of selecting the “Most Recent Tweets” tab every time we enter the app and want to see the beginning chronologically; option that many prefer.

The new version of Twitter is already on iOS, and soon on Android

The update is now available for iOS devices. This way, if you have an iPhone, you should already be able to experience the changes. If you still don’t see it, it’s only a matter of time before you can download it.