Two methods to send photos by WhatsApp with the best possible quality

One of the most used functions in WhatsApp is that of share content. I’m talking about documents and archives but above all photos and videos. Sending photos by WhatsApp is very easy. What is not so simple is that the quality of these images remains unchanged. And it is that, by default, the photos you share are compressed to take up less space and consume less mobile data when sending. Is it possible to send photos by WhatsApp with better quality and without compression?

In exchange for spending less data and taking up less space in your phone’s memory, the quality of those photos suffers. It’s something most of us can live with, but there are reasons for wanting share images with best quality available. For example, you want to print this image in poster size or you want to use it and need to keep the maximum resolution of the original image.

There are two solutions for this problem. So you can send photos by WhatsApp with better quality and without compression. Yes, we recommend do it over Wi-Fi. If you use WhatsApp for professional reasons, it will be very useful for you and will save you from unexpected surprises.

Send photos as documents

So far, the main method of bypass photo compression of WhatsApp is to send this image as one more document. WhatsApp compresses images and videos by default because they are the most shared content and over time they end up taking up more space in your phone’s memory. With documents, this option is not enabled by default, so an image is sent in its best possible quality.

According to the official documentation, WhatsApp allows you to send up to 30 photos and videos at a time. each video is limited to 16 MB per folder. On the other hand, the documents can have a size 100 MB maximum. This allows photos to be sent without compression and to provide sufficient resolution for printing or viewing on large screens.