UK punishes user for posting ‘offensive’ content

A court of UK sentenced Twitter user to 150 hours of community service after posting “extremely offensive content” on the social network. Agree with The NationalJoseph Kelly violated Section 127 of the Communications Act, which punishes Posting “obscene, indecent or threatening” messages.

Kelly, 36, poked fun at the death of Captain Tom Moore, a decorated World War II serviceman. A tweet from February 3, 2020 read: “The only good British soldier is a dead one, burn an old friend, burneeee.”

Although the author deleted the post after twenty minutes, the damage was done. Kelly not only faced backlash from other Twitter users, but also a law that prosecutes Brits who post offensive content.

Lanark Sheriff’s Court sentenced the attacker to 18 months of surveillance and 150 hours of community service. Although Kelly was spared jail time, the Cottam Sheriff said the sentence would serve as an example to deter others.

“It’s important for other people to realize how quickly things can spiral out of control,” the sheriff said.