Ukrainians use Apple Find My to locate Russian troops

The Ukrainians seem to have found an advantage in stealing Apple devices from Russian soldiers. According to shared Franak Viacorkajournalist and adviser to the leader of the democratic opposition in Belarus, citizens use Locate track Russian troop movements and report their whereabouts in real time.

Russian soldiers take advantage of the invasion of Ukraine to, in addition to killing civilians and destroying cities, loot the property of those who had to leave their cities. Some of these stolen items are Apple devices. These, remember, can be located via the ‘Find My’ platform (also called ‘Search’) that the firm makes available to all users.

Specifically, locating objects through Find My is done through an application preinstalled on Apple devices that receives the same name. A curious detail of this service is that AirPods, for example, do not need to be within range of the owner to be located. The company uses a collaborative network in which the connection of any user’s Apple products is used. Apple devices can also be located even when turned off.

Therefore, if a Russian soldier steals AirPods from a Ukrainian citizen and takes an iPhone or any Apple product with him, he will send the location to the owner of the AirPods. And practically in real time, which allows them to know and report where the Russian troops are.