UnionPay cards in Russia – where to get them and why they are needed

From 00:01 on March 10, all MasterCard and Visa cards issued for Russian users will stop working outside the country and for payment in foreign online stores. Thus, users from Russia will no longer be able to pay for their subscriptions in the applications of foreign developers, or in the App Store, or corny pay for in-store purchases with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Keep this in mind if after day X your subscriptions are not charged and the services stop working.

Union Pay

UnionPay is a Chinese payment system. UnionPay cards will be useful for payments abroad, where Russian “plastic” MasterCards and Visas no longer work

UnionPay - это китайская платёжная система, карты которой принимаются в 180 странах мира. Банки, выпускающие карты UnionPay, есть и в России. Сейчас их не так много, но в ближайшее время к их эмиссии обещали подключиться Сбер, Тинькофф и Альфа-банк.

Corn MasterCard and Visa stop working in our country, Russians still have the opportunity not to lose international means of payment. Of course, the world map works in the countries of the EEC, as well as outside, for example, in Turkey and Vietnam, but you still should not rely on it completely. Therefore, it is recommended issue a Union Pay card.

Banks with UnionPay cards


Gazprombank charges 5,000 rubles for issuing UnionPay cards, but most other banks do it for free

So far there are only 11 banks that issue the Union Pay card in Russia:

Важно: карты UnionPay не работают во многих интернет-магазинах и сервисах на территории РФ. Их также не принимают многие заграничные сервисы вроде Netflix. Поэтому выпускать карту UnionPay имеет смысл в основном для поездок за границу.

If you follow the links to the design, you will see not only UnionPay Cardsbut also co-badged cards — UnionPay + Mir. In other words, they are cards that combine two payment systems at once. They allow you to pay where Union Pay and Mir are accepted. Very comfortably. In Russian retail, UnionPay is accepted almost everywhere, but it is still better to issue co-badged cards.

Apple Pay is not working. How to pay

Pay Apple

Apple Pay does not support UnionPay cards, even if they were issued by Russian banks compatible with the company’s payment service

Corn UnionPay payment system no one imposed penalties on the cards of this payment system does not support app store, and it is also impossible to link them to Apple Pay. Therefore, if contactless payment is important to you, it is better to issue you a Mir card from one of the Russian banks that are not subject to US and European restrictions. You won’t have to search long, because sanctioned banks and no longer claim to be compatible with Apple Pay, only 5:

  • Promsviazbank
  • VTB
  • Sovcombank (Halva)
  • Opening
  • Novikombank

Если Apple Pay не работает на оплату картами MasterCard и Visa, попробуйте привязать и расплатиться картой Мир, эмитированной любым российским банком, кроме тех, что попали под санкции.

World Maps all other banks with Apple Pay work fine. At least for now. Still, we cannot know if Cupertino will decide in principle to go out contactless payments by phone in Russia. But this, given the speed with which events are developing, is quite possible. It is therefore better to always have physical “plastic” with you, even if it is already linked to the Apple Pay Mir card.

Yes, link your UnionPay card to the App Store impossible, but you can pay for subscriptions to some apps and services directly on the developer’s website. Usually, to find it, you just need to type in Google or Yandex the name of the application that you need to pay for access. Typically, the link to it will be at the very top. Click on it, then log in and go to the payment section.

Appstore payment not going through. What to do

Starting today, many iOS users started complaining about not being able to pay for any subscription or app in the App Store. iPhone written – payment method declined, please update your information. This most likely means that Apple no longer accepts payments with a card you own. These will almost certainly be MasterCard and Visa cards, as well as Mir. For some, it is not possible to link the world map to the App Store at all, which suggests that Apple no longer plans to support them.


Payment does not go through the App Store? Subscriptions or in-app purchases can often be paid for on developer sites

But sometimes The App Store does not accept cards The world issued by Russian banks, UnionPay, in principle, are not supported there, and MasterCard and Visa refuse to provide the passage of payments, which means that you have to turn to direct payment. If you can’t pay for the purchase with Mir in the App Store, we search the developer’s site and pay it directly.

Ряд зарубежных сервисов, представленных в России, по-прежнему принимает оплату картами Мир. Тот же Netflix без проблем позволяет оплатить подписку Миром в рублях. Однако не факт, что такую возможность не закроют, учитывая ситуацию в мире.

Apple has become a victim of its own greed. The company has long refused to reduce the commission for transactions in the App Store, therefore developers began to accept payment for services on their own, allowing them to bypass restrictions and at the same time get a delivery. For example, the same YouTube Premium on site video hosting costs 50 rubles cheaper. Another question is why this subscription is needed now, if there is no more advertising in the Russian segment, but we will leave it out of the brackets.