Universal Studios Confirms Super Nintendo World Coming to Hollywood

super nintendo world

super nintendo world

Last year, Super Nintendo World has finally opened in Japan after several delays due to the pandemic. Since then, the Nintendo-themed amusement park has been a success, approving its expansion with a dedicated Donkey Kong area in 2024. Nintendo has already announced that it will continue its expansion plan outside of Japan and its the first stop in the west will be in Los Angeles, California.

Nintendo’s first theme park in the West

The Nintendo Theme Park will enter through the Great West Gate, opening its first installations outside Japan at Universal Studios Hollywood. The franchise has announced that we will be able to visit this park in 2023 and has already given some details of the attractions that will be accessible to the public, where the Super Mario saga will be the main protagonist.

Universal Studios has already started to build hype on the merchandise of this new park, which they have planned will be presented with news of your content very soon. Again, this will be the first official park merchandise that we can purchase outside of Japan.

The franchise intended that this It won’t be the only theme park coming to the United States, but in its plans are also cities like Orlando, home to one of the most famous amusement parks in the world, Walt Disney World. Additionally, they also showed their intention to expand Super Nintendo World to Singapore in the future.

Regarding Europe, we have no news of future expansion plans, at least for now. Considering the success he’s had in Japan and the one he’s likely to have in the United States, it wouldn’t be strange to think that the European continent is among his future plans.

Source: Nintendo Soup