Vacancy on We are hiring an author

Are the sanctions good for us? Sounds funny, if not provocative. But at a time when many are being forced to shut down or scale back their projects, expands. We announce the opening author posts on our portal, which you can take.


While others are closing, we are looking for talent

who are we looking for

We need a mandatory person on a permanent basis who won’t let you down

We are looking for someone 18 years of age or older who:

  • Literate, able to write in understandable Russian
  • Mandatory and Executive
  • Knows English at the level of reading and comprehension
  • Learn about Apple products
  • Represents devices that Apple may launch in the future
  • Can explain the difference between Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 7

In-depth knowledge in a field close to journalism would be a plus, but is not mandatory. Your education, titles and other insignia don’t matter either. But if you have Russian bear and kangaroo certificatesbring it – let it be useful somewhere.

What do we have to do

Write articles, instructions, reviews, guides and news in a non-standard format. The market dictates its own rules, and simply translating the news into Russian is no longer good. We want you to be able to understand the topic, if necessary, try it on yourself and present it in a form suitable for Russian-speaking readers, showing them why it is important to them.

You have to write a lot, but don’t be afraid – it will work in no time

You must be ready to write long content. Their number, their remuneration and their working hours are discussed with the candidates who individually passed the selection.

What do we offer

  • Work completely remotely, no trips to the office
  • market wage
  • Friendly team without stuffy and toxic people (we expect the same from you)
  • Invaluable professional experience
  • A notable line in the CV (our graduates today work in large companies from Yandex to Facebook)

You can work from anywhere in the world. And we won’t even ask your nationality

If you feel the strength and the desire to try yourself in the role author on, you need to complete the test job. Write an article of 4 to 5 thousand characters (more if possible, but without fanaticism) on one of the following subjects:

  • What are shortcuts in iOS, why are they needed and how to use them
  • Why Widgets Are Necessary on iOS
  • Why there is no alternative to the App Store on iOS
  • Why do you need an Apple AR headset

We don’t ask you To write an essay and talk about distant galaxies. The materials should be filled with texture, and it is better to describe real cases applicable in everyday life. Thus, we will understand how immersed you are in the subject, we will assess your literacy and your ability to work with sources.

Send your texts to