Video calls from GBA SP? The accessory that never left Japan


Game Boy Advance SP

Nintendo has always been characterized as one of those companies that is not afraid to evolve, to transform itself to fascinate gamers with completely new products. It ended up bringing a company that started with children’s letters and toys eventually became one of the companies that brings much-loved consoles and exclusives to life for gamers.

However, these constant tests when it comes to wanting to revolutionize the video game sector have brought with them not only their consoles presenting a completely new approach, but also some of the most unexpected elements. and although there are people who have pushed their consoles to the limitUntil it seemed like they had no solution, others decided to give their consoles completely unique opportunities by creating accessories that, at the time, had a promising future. Can you imagine being able to make video calls with a Game Boy Advance SP? Well, it was possible in 2004.

The Game Boy Advance SP accessory that hasn’t left Japan

The idea of ​​making video calls on a mobile phone in 2004 seemed like something from a fairly distant future, especially considering that at that time 3G was something that was still being explored. However, at this time, the Japanese firm Digital Act launched in Japan the Campho Advance accessory. This camera allowed video calls using the Nintendo handheld console.

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With a 1.1 megapixel camera and 5 fps performance, you had to be connected to a power source all the time to make the video call. It wasn’t a smooth experience and unfortunately it wasn’t priced for everyone. Because? Because it was worth 19,000 yen (about 148.11 euros), a value which at the time was quite high.

Only 10,000 units were sold in Japan and it seems that, unfortunately, it did not have the expected success for the project to continue. However, it was a striking proposition and a breakthrough for its time. A proposal which, in addition, it must be said that it was quite advanced for the time when the device was found.