Voi electric scooters return to Madrid skipping their hallowed rule

Voi’s electric scooters are returning to Madrid since picking up all their gear in the capital. The regulation – which at the time concerned nearly 20 companies – did not please the Swedish shared mobility company. Now, and after starting operations in Seville and Malaga in mid-2021, technology has rethought its position. In total, the deployment of the fleet will accumulate 440 electric scooters available throughout the city.

The founder of Voi said a few months ago to hypertextual that they would only enter a city if, by the city council of interesting regions, competitors were limited to 3. If this standard is not met, that at least the regulations would be good to manage the interests of users and electric scooter companies. The reality is that nothing has changed in Madrid.

What changed for Voi to rethink her entry? “These are licenses that have become free due to the movement of operators to Madrid. Before there were 17 and now there are 8, which is not ideal. But it tells us that a new plan is being developed in line with our idea of ​​mobility. We entered now for this, and because more than 600 parking spaces have been created which allow us to operate in an orderly fashion,” company sources explain.

In other words, the reality of the market attracted a Voi who has not seen capital since 2020. Due to business problems, low profitability or simply because the parent company decided to get rid of of a line of business that had a setback. in 2018 or 2019. Over the years ended up being a money hole for funds. The latter case corresponds to Ford. A few days ago he left Spain and a few days later he got rid of his division of electric scooters to sell it to his competitor at another time: Tier. Company which, by the way, has also left the capital and, although it does not rule out returning, is waiting for an improvement in the regulations applicable to electric scooters.

Anyway, Voi entered Madrid enjoying survivors war. Those who have managed to overcome the pandemic and remain profitable can now distribute the orphan electric scooter licenses in the capital.