Voxel School, the only official PlayStation Talents center in Spain

Can you imagine working for PlayStation? Surely you think that only the best in the video game industry achieve this. What if you were one of them?

To bring out this talent, PlayStation has partnered with Voxel School, a school of digital arts where professionals in the sector are trained by the best teachers and with the most complete and advanced academic program.

Voxel School is the only official PlayStation Talents center in Spain, which allows you to offer exclusive training to students who pass through your classrooms. Unique job opportunities arise from this collaboration for those who decide to make their passion their profession.

What is the Voxel School?

The video game sector and everything related to digital arts is booming. The demand for talent in this field is increasing and, for this reason, highly specialized but, at the same time, very versatile professional profiles are sought in the sector.

As these are relatively new professions, it is difficult to find professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform these functions.

But in Spain there is a place where the best professionals in this booming sector are trained. It is Voxel School, professional school of digital arts located in the Madrid district of Argüelles, in the heart of the capital.

It is not just any school but a center with an eminently practical academic program that provides its students with the skills they need to work in the field they are most passionate about.

Its complete training offer for masters is a benchmark in the digital arts industry and its high-performance installations bring together professionals, companies, artists and students driven by the same passion.

Pillars of Voxel School training

Voxel School’s academic offering aims to transform students who pass through its classrooms into professionals of the future in the industry. In reality, all its masters have a mixed optionwhich makes it possible to combine studies with other activities.

It is not only interesting for students who are facing this field for the first time, but also for professionals who are already working in the sector and who wish to further specialize or deepen their knowledge. Thus, they can continue their professional activity at the same time as they deepen other subjects which allow them to be up to date in their profession.

In addition to that, The Voxel School training is based on three pillars fundamental:

  1. expert teachers. All teachers are active professionals in the digital arts industry, which allows them to provide students with up-to-date knowledge, with the guarantee that it is what is demanded in real life.
  2. Latest technology. Thanks to its alliance with HP as a technology partner, Voxel School has state-of-the-art equipment, software and facilities that allow students to face anything they will find in their professional life. once they have completed their education at school.
  3. networking. The objective of Voxel School is that its students can dedicate themselves to the job they love and, for this reason, they put students in contact with the main companies and with the most recognized professionals in the sector, generating opportunities for use.

For the Voxel school, it is very important to make known the talent of its students so that they can develop everything they have learned in the school where their job will be.

Voxel School, hand in hand with PlayStation Talents

In this commitment to talent, Voxel School can boast of being the only educational center internationally approved as a PlayStation Partner.

This alliance allows this school of digital arts in Madrid to offer a exclusive training taught by top PlayStation pros.

In addition, Voxel School also ensures that its students can access the best video game technology within its facilities.

PlayStation Talents is a platform dedicated to the development of the video game industry in Spain and, among its innovative initiatives to promote talent in this sector, is its collaboration with Voxel School through different initiatives, such as the UCM PlayStation Talents Own Master in Marketing, Communication and Video Game Management or the UCM PlayStation Talents Own Double Master in Marketing, Communication and Management of Video Games and Art Direction.

The objective is give visibility to the talent of Voxel School students and generate employment opportunities for them unique and unforgettable academic experiences.

These studies are taught by PlayStation professionals within the school, sharing their knowledge with the students so that they have all the keys to the video game sector in a very exclusive way.

And, as if that were not enough, the students who follow these masters at the Voxel school have the possibility of doing paid internships at PlayStation Spainwith the boost it can give your resumes.

Opinion on Voxel School and its alliance with PlayStation

The masters offered jointly by Voxel School and PlayStation, in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid, have been in development for 5 years.

The students who went through the classes of this school of digital arts were able to appreciate an unrivaled experience which has also resulted in significant recognitions within the sector.

A) Yes, Voxel School students who have completed their academic program have competed with great success in the PlayStation Talents awardswhere his projects received recognition, which many saw come to fruition in the form of a video game.

Many initiatives that have emerged in Voxel School classrooms have been released or are in development through the PlayStation Camps programwhich is a great achievement for the students and gives enormous prestige to this school, in which more and more students are discovering that they can make their passion their future profession.