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Google is rolling out an alert system on Android mobiles that will warn Ukrainian users of airstrikes occurring in their country.

Since the start of the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine, the world’s biggest tech companies have done their part to help Ukrainian citizens who are still in the country.

One of them is the American giant Google, which after disabling some functions of Google Maps in Ukraine such as traffic information and crowd dataso that this data cannot be used as military intelligence, now the big G has just announced that it has activated a special type of notification in Ukraine that warns of aerial bombings.

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Google activates a notification to warn Ukrainians of airstrikes

This notification will alert Android users to aerial bombings

As Kent Walker himself, President of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer of Google, explained in a recently updated article, the company he works for has decided, at the request of the Ukrainian government, to deploy an alert system on Android mobiles that will warn users of aerial attacks produced in the Ukrainian country.

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These notifications are based on the alerts already provided by the Ukrainian government and they are complementary to the aerial bombing warning systems already existing in the country.

As confirmed by Walker, to set up this aerial bombardment warning tool, the American company used the same low-latency system it uses to detect earthquakes.

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In addition to this aerial bombing notification system, Google is also taking other measures to help refugees, since, for a few days, it allows hoteliers in countries neighboring Ukraine to indicate in their profile business if offer free or reduced-price housing to Ukrainian refugees and that local businesses in those countries post on their Business Profile in Search and Maps if providing services and assistance to refugees from Ukraine.

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