Watch a self-driving car ‘run away’ from police in San Francisco

The insurgency of the machines, one of conspiracy theorists’ biggest fears, is already here, and it started with self-driving cars. In masable They shared the video in which they appreciate an autonomous vehicle fleeing an American police after trying several times to stop him.

In the video, a group of San Francisco Police Department officers can be seen trying to stop an autonomous vehicle. However, each time the officers stopped the vehicle and attempted to open one of its doors, it started again ignoring police requests.

Sure, inside the vehicle, there was no human driving. It’s a car that drove autonomously through the city, like an 80s sci-fi movie.

According to masable, the group of police tried to stop the car, probably because its headlights were off. However, even after successfully arresting him a second time, officers They spent a lot of time trying to open their doors. Cruise, which is the company that operates said vehicle, has confirmed that the vehicle behaved as expected.

After stopping the Chevy Bolt, a policeman approaches his window; he tries (unsuccessfully) to open the door and starts walking towards his patrol car.

This is the behavior of self-driving cars

Autonomous cruising car

Aaron Mclear, a spokesperson for Cruise, told The edge the reason for the “behaviour” of the self-driving car. As he comments in his statements, the vehicle was not actually trying to flee from the police. In fact, his system was trying to locate a safer area in which to stop. Of course, it is a gesture that a human being could not have escaped.

The vehicle gave way to the police cruiser and then stopped at the nearest safe location for a traffic hold. An agent contacted Cruise staff and no citation was issued.

We work closely with the San Francisco Police on how to interact with our vehicles and have a dedicated phone number to call in situations like this.

Cruise’s self-driving cars they are quite well prepared move through the streets. Like many other vehicles of this type, these models use a LiDAR sensor that allows them to recognize their surroundings with fairly high accuracy. This sensor is so powerful that it has even been used by NASA during its missions; and the same apple includes it on your iPhone and iPad devices for years.

So far, it’s unclear why Cruise’s self-driving car wouldn’t work with its headlights on. However, after officials contacted the company, the problem was solved quickly. Among the theories as to why the lights were off, we believe the car may not have detected the darkness.

The lights on in an autonomous cruising vehicle are quite important. After all, these cars are only allowed to drive between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.; hours in which the need to have the headlights in perfect condition is much more imperative than in situations of good luminosity.