watch the deleted scene where batman meets the joker

Warner Bros. and DC have finally released the scene deleted from Batman in which the vigilante of Gotham City can be seen interacting with the jokerwhose interpretation is carried out by Barry Keoghan. We knew this footage existed, and thankfully, Matt Reeves and his team were quick to share it. While we hear the villain in the final footage, this is the first time we’ve seen what he looks like in more detail. Yes, the character is scary.

Joker, like Enigma, is locked in the arkham asylum, although at the moment we don’t know how it got there – you don’t have to rack your brains to figure it out either. At Batman He was seen having a brief conversation with Paul Dano’s villain, a conversation that exposed the two’s madness. However, we barely managed to see his silhouette. Now in the deleted scene, appears talking to Batman without hiding his face. What exactly is happening?

Before Enigma’s arrest, Batman arrives at Arkham Asylum to the Joker “helps” him to solve the puzzles of Edward Nashton. After all, it’s easier for psychopaths to understand each other. However, as you can see, Joker wasn’t very cooperative. In fact, at some point, it’s the iconic villain who begins to interrogate the hero in front of him. Clearly, the scene is reminiscent of the one featuring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster in The silence of the innocent (Thesilenceofthelambs).

What about Barry Keoghan’s Joker in Batman? Although the scene is brief, the character looks imposing and fearsome. Both in his behavior and in his physical appearance, he is somewhat reminiscent of the antagonist of Heath Ledger. However, his appearance is even scarier as his face is full of scars and he doesn’t have much hair. Of course, he retains the characteristic bloodthirsty smile of this character.

Either way, it’s best to take the material into your own hands and wait for The Joker to get the prominence he deserves in Matt Reeves’ universe. Everything indicates will be the main villain in a future episodebut we are not entirely sure that it will be batman 2. In fact, his scene with Enigma hints that sooner or later they will work together.