We spoke to Fernando Tejero, from ‘There’s No One Living Here’ to Drama

Cordovan Fernando Tejero is one of the best-known actors in Spain thanks, in particular, to a couple of comic characters from two twin television series that made us laugh a lot: this is Emilio Delgado from There’s no one living here (2003-2006), concierge in the Madrid building at number 21 Calle Desengaño and Fermín Trujillo de the one who comes (since 2007), espetero, beach thief and amateur keyer at the Mirador de Montepinar.

But he also wanted to step into the shoes of dramatic characters like Coque de Willsfeature by Joaquin Carmona (2022), entirely produced in the Region of Murcia, where it shares the frame with Óscar Casas, Nerea Camacho, Adriana Ozores and Carlos Santos, and which is currently filming. “He’s a very different character from almost anyone I’ve done; well, everyone”, he tells us during an interview at the El Churra hotel in Murcia.

“His story is beautiful, and with a wide variety of emotions, many contours and a brutal emotional journey, and for me it was a challenge“, he continues to explain what pushed him to decide for this work. “Then, since I wanted to be a father so badly in life and I’m not, in the end this film is about just that, about the relationship between a father and a son who didn’t exist, and he wants that it exists.” Perhaps feeling so identified with Coque will help Fernando Tejero to embody him better.

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“I think that, for an actor who does comedy, it is easier to do a drama than the reverse”, abounds the Andalusian interpreter. “It’s not the first drama I’ve done because this is five square meters [2011], for example. But it is true that it is a challenge and, curiously, I threw away a lot of my experiences, of the story I lived with my father; or that I live because, fortunately, he is still alive. And I tapped into that paternal instinct that I was talking about earlier, looking a lot within myself.”

“And I had plenty of time to prepare it; I had the script on my bedside table for a long time,” he continues. “AND I worked from intuition, common sense and heart, because it’s a character that, if you don’t put your soul into it, will never be able to work. It exudes sentiment, and I think the film is a love story. It’s a Thriller in Frenchbut I think ultimately it’s a love story, he moves mountains and we can do anything for him.”