What app to download to get distracted from what’s going on and keep busy

We’ve all had a few things to celebrate over the past two weeks. Regardless of life position, the majority is clearly feeling lost and empty. At such times, it is very important to take care of something to distract yourself. But what? Traditional recommendations like “read a book” or “watch a movie” given by those who don’t think about anything obviously won’t work here. First, it’s pretty mundane, and second, you won’t have enough of it yet. After all, you need to distract yourself with something on an ongoing basis, and finding suitable movies and TV shows that are truly capable of captivating is always the same task. Much better from this point of view, a variety of activities. But who else would come with them.


Don’t know what to do when you’re bored? Treeps app will solve your problems

when we want to be distracted and we don’t know what to do with yourselfwe sincerely want someone to teach us a lesson. Coming home, forcing them to find something, is clearly not an option. But the Treeps app is the best for that. It will not only suggest what movie to watch and what to do, offering different activity options for different life situations, but it will also allow you to level up in your chosen areas, developing very real skills that will help you in the future.

What to do if you’re bored

Simply put, Treeps is a service that offers what you can do with yourself. But it’s not enough to tell a person to “make a birdhouse” or “learn to lucid dream”. Indeed, in most cases, when people find a new jobThey had never met him before. So, you need to a) choose what a particular person will like, b) show them how it’s done, and c) follow the progress of the lesson so that they don’t have the opportunity to cheat.

  • Download Treeps from the App Store and sign in using “Sign in with Apple”;
  • Watch a series of welcome slides and you will be taken to the main screen with activities;

Treeps allows you to set filters, and in use it learns itself and begins to understand what you like

  • The activities themselves are presented in the form of cards with a name, a description, an illustrating photo and the execution time, so that you can immediately determine whether it is suitable for you or not;

Each task provides step-by-step instructions for use with answers to questions and even reviews from users who have already tried them

  • At first they are presented in random order, since the service does not yet know your preferences (when the AI ​​learns, the recommendations will be more accurate), so it is better to immediately open the section with filters and define so that the recommendations correspond to the request;

Schedule your favorite activities at a time that suits you

  • If you like the activity, swipe right, if you don’t like it, swipe left, and if you want to add it immediately to the plan, then up (very simple, convenient, and even the step to choose an activity turns into a kind of game);
  • If the activity overview does not provide enough information, you can open it in full with a single click. The map will then be displayed in full screen and you can familiarize yourself with the activity in more detail;
  • Activities you like are added to the plan, where you can schedule them for a specific day and select the time you want to run them – the app will send you a reminder.

Download Treeps

What can you do when there’s nothing to do

In addition to one-off activities, Treeps offers so-called collections. This is a series of tasks that are combined into a single scenario. For example, your goal is get rid of sad thoughts. Then you select the map of the corresponding scenario and sequentially perform the proposed tasks. They may be different from each other, but that’s the whole point.


Collections contain activity packages for certain scenarios

A variety of tasks allows you to be distracted precisely by changing different types of activities in order to get rid of sad thoughts or simply take a break from the boring routine. It is convenient that the tasks of scenario activities alternate in complexity: first you watch a movie, then you do origami, then you listen to music, then you paint an old T-shirt. Kaif, well!

Treeps is great because it includes a wide variety of activities with lots of engagement levels and filters. They make it possible to choose activities for oneself, for a couple, for a family, for children, for a company, to fix the place of execution of the tasks, as well as their duration. In general, there are a lot of options. Therefore, everyone will find something to their liking.

Here are some examples for you:

Order a pizza

Treeps even offers a link to order pizza so you don’t have to manually search for a delivery service.

Order pizza for a friend. What could be simpler ? But the Treeps developers have explained why this might be important and added a link to the activity map for popular pizza chain, so you don’t have to search for a delivery service that will deliver pizza to your loved one. It is enough to choose the pizza that he will surely like, indicate the address and the contact telephone number and wait. But you can cheat and order pizza for yourself, and not for someone else.

Treeps does not leave you alone with the task, but gives you instructions on how to accomplish it

Free writing technique. This activity allows you to better understand your thoughts and experiences in the process. free writingput them on paper in a state of abstraction. Just take a piece of paper and a pen and write down what the hand will display. Free writing training provided by the link in the course sheet. You will find a description of the technique, answers to your questions and learn to interpret what is written. There seems to be no benefit to be gained from this skill, but psychologists claim that free writing allows the unconscious to escape.

Activities you enjoy are automatically included in the plan. It is one of four application sections at the bottom of the screen. After you start adding cards to it, a red circle will appear above it with a number indicating the total number of tasks added. Here you can schedule them more precisely by assigning each its own date and time.

Surely you have paid attention to the section “Skills”. This is a very interesting idea from the developers. Skills are special skills that you can develop by following detailed instructions offered by service partners. These are more meaningful and practically bounded actions that can be useful in real life. After all, if watching a movie is just a fun way to kill time, then here’s to thriving. lucid dreaming skill is a whole other level.


Treeps has a ton of useful skills you can learn

Learnable skills in Treeps, a lot. In addition to simple life skills, the service offers many quasi-professional skills that can be useful in the trade or simply broaden your horizons:

  • Learn to manage stress;
  • Increase your productivity;
  • Begin to understand cinema;
  • Master the “Hell Week” technique;
  • Improve your vocal skills
  • Boost your diction.

Of course, this is only a small part of the skills that Treeps gives access to. The platform offers many more possible directions in which you can grow. So you will definitely find something to your liking. And since new skills are added all the time, you can use Treeps as a kind of training platforms. After all, there is nothing more valuable and useful than self-education.

What app to download if you’re bored


Skills are not just activities, but rather small courses

Skills are paid, because in fact they are quite close to educational courses. You have to devote more time to it than to ordinary activities. For example, the same skill of lucid dreaming is acquired in 3 days. Just give it 20 minutes a day for three days, and the new skill is in your pocket.

Skills are acquired for the built-in currency – intelligence. It can be obtained by completing tasks or purchasing a subscription.

Skills are paid using the built-in currency – intelligence. Unlike virtual gold in games, it is not necessary to buy them separately, although it is not prohibited. Smarts can be earned perform daily tasks in Treeps by earning achievements, inviting friends, watching ads. However, you can simply subscribe to a paid subscription, and your wallet will be replenished automatically.

Download Treeps

Who needs Treeps, I think, it is clear and therefore: we all need it. After all, it is impossible every day after a hard day to invent an activity to relax and stop thinking about what is happening in the world. The service will solve these tasks for you, allowing you to enjoy performing tasks that not only allow you to be distracted, but also gain new knowledge and experiences that you might not have been able to acquire by yourself.

How many times have I wanted learn to lucid dream, but was too lazy to search for information presented on the Internet in a fragmented form. With Treeps, I have already started the path to this skill, and I hope to master it completely in the remaining two days. But that’s not all the service can offer you. The main thing is just to want.