What apps to download on iPhone until the App Store in Russia is blocked

After the removal of the Sberbank application from the App Store, many began to think about the full disable App Store in Russia. No, clearly this is just conjecture and more like paranoia, but personally I seriously wondered: what other apps to downloadensure ? Yes, just in case. Accordingly, I have compiled a list of the most necessary programs, which should be enough for comfortable use of a smartphone, and I want to share it with you. I’m sure many have thought about the problem the same way I did.

Let’s see which apps are worth downloading in case the App Store in Russia is completely blocked.


In this selection, we’ve collected mainly Russian apps, as they probably won’t be in the Apple Store in the first place. Alas, not all domestic analogues can replace foreign applications for me, so now I can’t do without them either. And, of course, try to free up as much memory as possible on your smartphone. You will need to download a lot, as you need to stock up for the future.

Banking apps will be removed from the App Store

The first step is to download the apps from the banks. Yes, Sberbank Online removed from the App StoreYes, there are many other ways to access the personal bank account. For example, through the web version of the site or even through PWA (the web version of the application running in the browser), but all this is difficult for an ordinary person. It’s much better to stock up on all the necessary software for the future, isn’t it?

Of all the popular banks of the moment, many are still available. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to advertise myself, but now that’s not it. Well, don’t forget that Alfa-Bank is already under sanctions, the application does not have long to live in the App Store.

Sberbank has been removed from the App Store. But there are also other banks.

In addition, you can download any other banking application whose services you use. Well, if you want to access sanctioned banksDo not hesitate to refer to our article. Author AppleInsider.ru Ivan Kuznetsov everything is explained and explained how to log in to the bank’s personal account through a browser. The instruction for Sberbank is located separately, as it was removed a little later.

How to Replace Apple Music

Over the past few weeks, we have received many reports about Apple Music billing issues. In fact, there are now only two ways – either to pay for the service via a mobile phone, or to create a QIWI wallet and buy there. App Store Gift Card. However, these methods are not suitable for everyone, so I recommend downloading all necessary applications in advance.

Again, it’s possible that at some point Apple Music will stop working in Russia. And with it, the App Store. Downloading the streaming service app would then be a major undertaking. I do not recommend foreign services, because they can, just like Spotify, simply leave our country.

What is it, and giving up Apple Music is no problem.

It is clear that Yandex.Music is at the top of the list. In recent years, this service has become the main music listening platform for many. I personally know several people who, even during Apple Music’s lifetime, completely switched to Yandex. And now it is, in my opinion, a real necessity. Instead of worrying about paying, it’s much cooler to leave here.

Which password manager to download on iPhone

With password managers, everything is complicated. Now many people use Apple’s Keychain Access and store all passwords on iPhone. But if iCloud in Russia will be disabledaccess to passwords can be at risk.
Not so long ago known to all 1Password has already disappeared from the App Store, so I would prefer Kaspersky. Maintenance shouldn’t be a problem.

Let’s think about the requirements we have for a password manager? Free, with the presence of lifetime use, home application – these are my best main chips. You can’t manage on your own with Kaspersky, so I suggest a few other strangers.

If Apple suddenly disables Keychain, it won’t be a laughing matter.

In addition, we had a separate article on the subject How to replace 1Password in Russia. Go, read the conditions of each service, download.

How to replace Netflix

Not so long ago Netflix has disappeared from the Russian App Store. It happened quietly and imperceptibly, I think many didn’t even notice it. Here we have something to be proud of, KinoPoisk and other sites for watching movies are very cool, there should be no problems with them.

Netflix has been removed from the App Store. It’s nothing, there is KinoPoisk.

Last year, my colleague already told you about KinoPoisk and called it the best replacement for an Apple TV+ subscription. How did you look in the water, didn’t you? But seriously, be sure to check out his material, where he talks about the cool features of this app.

The most popular social networks in Russia

Social networks have long been ingrained in our lives. We spend a lot of time here every day. We hear news, we correspond with relatives, friends, colleagues. It is clear that these applications should be downloaded among the first. Here is a list of the main programs without which owning an iPhone will not be as comfortable as one would like.

I never thought I would have to go back to VK.

No tell me how to replace instagram (is a product of Meta, whose activities are extremist in Russia) I will not do it, because we have already done it. And most bloggers have always gone to Telegram and VK, so this idea hardly makes sense.

Which cloud storage to choose

At the moment, everything is more or less with cloud storage. Yes, paying for an extra seat is not an easy task, but the services distributed free of charge are fully functioning and they are unlikely to be disabled. Another thing is that using the cloud through Safari is not very convenient, so it is better to think about it in advance.

It’s unlikely to be a complete replacement for iCloud, but I would use home services to store photos and other content.

It is clear that Yandex.Disk will be better for everyone. It has a lot of goodies with unlimited free photo storage and lots of goodies with profitable subscription for several years at a time. Now, for example, on the official website there is an offer with 2 TB of memory for only 999 rubles for 2 years. If I needed such storage volumes, I would certainly deliver it. Consider it a gift.

What maps to download on iPhone

For several years I have been using the 2GIS application for navigation. In my opinion, it is much more convenient than Google Maps or Apple Maps. For some time at work there was a need for Yandex.Maps. Yes, they seemed worse to me, but I know people who don’t think so. In general, if you haven’t downloaded yet, you are welcome.

Great maps as good as Apple Maps.

Which translator download for iPhone

Not so long ago, we compared Apple’s native translator with Google Translate and Yandex.Translate. But, my friends, this is not the time to make comparisons. If you do not use such software every day, download the application from Yandex and do not know sorrow. Will work for a long time!

As we are used to Google Translate, we are going to wean ourselves.

Well, for professionals, I would recommend DeepL. We also did a separate review on this. It’s unlikely you can find anything cooler. I spoke with linguists on this subject, they only confirmed this idea.

Shopping apps

Over the past two years, shopping apps have become commonplace for us. We’re so used to ordering things on the Internet that it seems like we’ve forgotten how to get to the store. And really, why go anywhere if Aliexpress offers ordering in just a few clicks? Not only that, it’s also cheaper!

Download shopping apps. So say thank you.

Well, if you have a need, get local pharmacy app. This will help you check drug availability and compare prices. Again, doing this on the site is not very convenient.


Note apps

For many, Apple Notes has basically become the main application. And everything would be fine, but if there are problems with iCloud, the synchronization between Apple devices will drop, and this is already a serious problem. I therefore offer you alternatives:

I have used Evernote for several years now and recommend it to you. The application has the widest functionality and all the necessary tools for work. Although about Things 3 you’ve probably heard it all too. Great app with a very user-friendly interface. Only now it is very expensive and not suitable for big notes.

Video call apps

In principle, all popular Russian social networks from the above list have the ability to communicate via a video link. Telegram is the most advanced in this direction. Not so long ago, Durov’s team completely removed the limit on the number of conference participants. I don’t want to use.

However, over the years of working remotely, we have long been accustomed to calling Zoom, so you can download it or its analogues. Discord, for example, is great for gamers, and Tims is for students.

Download Zoom on mobile devices. It is worth its weight in gold.

Как снова включить Apple Pay в России через режим пропажи.

And, of course, there is a list of apps that you absolutely must download on your devices, but they don’t fall into separate categories:

  • State services.
  • vpn.
  • Taxi.
  • Application Sharing.
  • Cellular apps.

Do you think it is worth downloading all necessary software to your devices now? Do you have any applications in mind? Write in the comments under the post or in our Telegram chat, it will help many users.