What are vaginal farts and why do they occur?

The vaginal farts This is a fairly common phenomenon. The vast majority of people with vaginas have experienced it at some point. involuntary release of air, especially during sexual intercourse or physical exercise. However, sometimes they happen so frequently that they can get quite annoying. Not because they cause pain, but because they cause some shame who suffers from it.

But what are vaginal farts caused by? Are there risk factors for which some people suffer more than others? And, very important, can they be avoided in any way? To answer all these questions, perhaps we should have more scientific investigationbecause it is true that there is a lot of information on the internet, but normally it is about anecdotal cases. Also, many people feel so embarrassed that they never see a professional.

In fact, most scientific studies on vaginal farting analyze it as a secondary cause, for example, of abnormalities in the pelvic floor. In any case, they do not seem serious or generally do not require any type of treatment or intervention. It is usually only necessary to reach this point when associated with other disorders and it is not the most common. Now let’s see what we know about them so far.

What are vaginal farts?

Vaginal farts, also known as flatulence or vaginal flatulenceare sudden, loud outflows of air that occur through the vagina.

Unlike anals, they do not involve the release of gases derived from any type of fermentation or decomposition reaction, so they generally do not smell bad. It’s just air.