What does it mean that Amazon pays for its employees’ abortions?

Amazon, like leak Reuters, has been candid with one of the biggest controversies in the United States. The company, founded by Jeff Bezos, will finance the displacement of its employees so that they can have an abortion if that is what they wish. If the health care available 100 miles – 160 kilometers – from your residence does not offer this treatment, Amazon will cover the cost with $4,000 to pay for travel, maintenance and the medical process.

And it is that, put like that, it seems that Amazon forces its employees to have abortions against their will. But the reality is that Bezos’ company is positioning itself strongly against something that has the world with its sights set on the United States. As if it were a dystopian reality, very similar to the Handmaid’s Talethe North American country is about to pass a law banning abortion in some US states. Or at least by virtue of the freedoms that this right has enjoyed for years in some states of the country.

Amazon’s response, as a way to help employees who want abortions, coincides with a leaked U.S. Supreme Court report. Said report, leaked by Politico, won’t come into effect until next summer – meaning it’s still subject to change – but Everything points to a reduction in women’s rights in some parts of the country. However, those who already regulate in favor of the practice remain.

Limited to 6 weeks of pregnancy – when virtually imperceptible to women – and only when the mother’s life is in danger – in which case the weeks for treatment are extended. Women who undergo the operation illegally or those who help in the process – doctors, associations or even taxi drivers who take them to clinics – are also encouraged to file a complaint, with “bonuses” of up to at $10,000 per person to give notice. With an absolute majority of the conservative vote according to the 98-page report leaked to the press, the United States would cancel a law in force since the 1970s. A pioneer in the world and in women’s rights.

Amazon, a long tradition against the conservative camp

But as the Supreme Court debates whether to go back decades in women’s rights, Amazon made its announcement not without controversy. “Amazon wants its employees to have abortions” or “promotes abortion tourism,” read some conservative headlines. The reality is that Bezos’ company isn’t the first to help its employees make decisions about their bodies. Apple, Citigroup or Yelp are other companies that have funded the costs of interventions for women who reside in states where abortion is highly persecuted. Which is not prohibited.

This is precisely the judgment of the Supreme Court in the case Roe v. Wade case, of January 22, 1973, which authorizes abortion in the country despite contrary legislation in certain States. The same one that, according to the latest reports, has its days numbered. With that, more than 20 states have a pro-family policy and drastically reduce free abortion options. In areas like Texas, abortion is prohibited under the first heartbeat law. Or something similar: limited when the fetal heart rate is detectable.

No surprise with Bezos

Nor does Amazon’s announcement come as a surprise to the conservative camp in the United States. Jeff Bezos’ donations are known, under the name of Amazon and not only in a personal capacity, to associations that promote free abortion. Planned Parenthood, a supporter of upholding Roe’s sentence against Wade, received $275 million from the businessman to continue its mission.

It goes without saying that this measure already has disapproval on the conservative side. On the one hand, the text published by the technology indicates that in addition to abortion, they will finance “any type of treatment that is not life-threatening”. It is this last point that, according to the Republican senators, favors anti-life activities based on “leftist lies”.

Encouraging North American conservatives not to do business with Amazon, American Principles Project President Terry Schilling speaking to The daily threadnotes that “Amazon has been bidding on the woke left for years, from banning conservative books from its platform to partnering with the notoriously partisan Southern Poverty Law Center to block donations to right-wing groups.”