What is Beblue and how does it work? [Cashback]

If you have ever seen a beBlue in any store or searched how to get give money back in some purchases you must have heard of the BeBlue and wanted to know how That works ; This is a payment request on a payment platform in physical (but few) commercial establishments.

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what is and how the BeBlue

BeBlue is a payment platform in licensed physical commercial establishments that generates a refund (money) from the user on all purchases. To register, you must download the application for android Where iOS and fill in certain registration information, including the CPF, which is the main means of identification of the buyer.

After that, the BEBLUE gives the user a digital wallet. It is in this wallet that the balance generated by cashback is stored, as well as deposits via transfer friends or banknote deposits, used as prepaid credit.

The app says free, but charge one time R$1.99 fee for “registration data validation”. This value is deducted from the refund balance.

How to add money to BeBlue

it is possible to deposit in the digital wallet BEBLUE BY BANK SLIP, generated in the application; or receive transfers from friends. Boleto deposits also generate a 3% cashback balance.

  • on the app home screen, tap your balance to expand the options;
  • touch “reload wallet”;
  • Enter the amount of the tank (the minimum is 20 reais and the maximum is one thousand reais);
  • tap “Bank receipt”;
  • Fill in the information to issue the ticket.
  • Then it is enough to pay the ticket and wait, up to three working days, for compensation in the balance of the digital wallet.

    Cashback and prepaid balance

    There are two types of balance in the digital wallet: prepaid and cashback. Cashback only allows you to pay bills in stores and transfer them to friends.

    already the prepaid balance, deposited by the ticket, can be returned. To do this, you must contact the BeBlue team via the chat, within the application, in the “Help me” section.

    important to point out that for this percentage, a withdrawal fee of 6% of the value and the return of this fee, equivalent to 5%, will be waived within 3 working days.

    How to pay with the BEBLUE (That’s the problem)

    When opening BEBLUE, a list will appear with all approved establishments in the region. You can set a filter for distance, cashback percentage, rating and establishment category.

    Clicking on a business displays information on operation, description, location, and rating, in addition to the cashback percentage for that day (this may vary during the week, check the change in cashback number). money).

    The biggest complaint from users is the difficulty of finding establishments in the City that accept the method of payment. Most are gas stations, where customers report on the site they complain about here that they traveled greater distances to provide cash back. But does it end up paying off?

    Other claims relate to the app freezing the user’s balance, preventing them from making an in-app payment at any location. There are also complaints from people who found the establishment on BeBlue, but when trying to make payment on the site, employees report that it was never offered this mode there.

    However, when it works, it’s just Inform the assistant that the payment method will be made through BeBlue and will pass the card through the machine, informing the CPF. If there is a prepaid balance and a refund return in the BEBLUE wallet, it will be used before the card.

    biblue credit

    BeBlue also has themes for certain eligible customers for digital credit card and without pension. Users can only buy in authorized establishments with this card, informing the CPF and also receiving part of the money.

    it is an alternative for those who do not use any other card that does not have the flags accepted by BeBlue (Mastercard, Visa, Elo ee Hypercard). However, like any other card, there will be a limit available for each user profile and an invoice to be paid on the due date.