What is Facebook Protect and why is it a problem for many users

Facebook Protection is an advanced security program that Meta has designed for its main social network, in order to protect its most exposed users. Its implementation is mandatory in accounts that the platform considers more likely to be Tipsed, such as those of politicians, journalists or human rights activists.

However, it has become a headache for many people. It is that those chosen for the program who have not manually activated this additional layer of protection before the deadline, run into the impossibility of re-entering your profiles. And part of the responsibility for this event lies with Facebook itself, or how it has chosen to communicate the launch of this feature.

Facebook chose to inform users about Facebook Protect through a super generic email that looks, at a minimum, mistrustful. This is an email with a lot of vibe in content spamwhich is even enhanced by the title: “Your account requires advanced security from Facebook Protect”.

And while the communication is legit, many users dismissed it thinking it might be a typical attempt to Phishing. After all, fake emails purporting to be from Facebook are far more common than any user would like. The truth is that when the time limit set by the platform to activate this feature has expired, many users are now paying the consequences.

The edge reports that at these hours complaints on Twitter from people who have lost access to their profiles have multiplied. Does, apparently, the methods to recover the login using the additional verification methods (SMS or Google Authenticator) not working properly.