what is it, how much does it cost and how to save

If you are a student, we have good news for you. Can you imagine having all the benefits of Amazon Prime with a few extras at half the price? Well, you got it. Amazon has a special Prime membership for students which allows you to have the premium services of the company at a very favorable price.

And it’s not temporary. This is a discount that is available throughout a college student’s internship. Prime Student is the subscription specially designed for students with which anyone enrolled in a university will be able to save half the subscription price for four years.

Yes, four years with Amazon Prime at half price means you’ll have access to all the benefits of Prime, including Amazon Music, Prime Gaming (the Twitch subscription), access to all Amazon Prime Video contentPrime Reading, with hundreds of eBooks for Kindle and Kindle iOS and Android apps, Amazon Photos storage, and up to 15% off Amazon Family.

Prime Student gives students all the benefits of Prime, with 90 days trial already half price of regular Prime membershipincluding:

  • Shipping fast and free in millions of products
  • Films and series online with Prime Video
  • exclusive discounts for students
  • Over 2 million songs with Prime Music

How much does Amazon Prime Student cost?

The good news is that you can try Amazon Prime Student for free for 90 days. That’s three months with full access to all the features and benefits included in the subscription.

After that, Student’s price remains half that of the standard Amazon Prime membership. That is to say, goes from 36.00 euros per year to 18.00 euros per year. A price that will be maintained as long as you continue to be enrolled in a university for a maximum period of 4 years, the standard duration of university degrees in Spain.

How to Subscribe to Amazon Prime Student

As we indicated at the beginning, to subscribe to Amazon Prime Student it is essential to be a university student. At the time of registration, it may be necessary to present certain documents and confirm not only your identity, but also that At the time of registration, you are an active student.

The requirements to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Student discount are as follows:

  • Have an active Amazon account. It can be newly created or ones you have used in the past.
  • To be enrolled as a student in a Spanish university center. In other words, having an active registration.
  • Present the current registration for the course you are studying.
  • And the most important: to have a Active email account from an academic institution in Spain. If you don’t have it, you can also register, but it is quite possible that Amazon will ask you for additional information.

All of the Amazon Prime Student registration price is done online, so all you have to do is enter the special student site amazoncomplete the documentation and follow the steps.

Try Amazon Prime Video completely free for 30 days and enjoy the full catalog of the platform without limits. Just by registering you will have instant access to the best films and series, as well as free delivery on amazon and other benefits.