What is Kojima’s favorite Batman movie?

kojima batman

The arrival in the rooms of Batmanthe new film starring Gotham Bat, raised still the debate on the social networks of what is the best movie of the character. Many famous Twitter users participated in the debate and one of them was the famous director of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima.

Kojima’s answer was very clear, for him the best movie of the DC character is Lego Batman: The Movie. In this little thread Twitter He argued that this film understands that heroes and villains are inseparable, it’s this relationship that makes this type of character memorable.

It can also be seen in their video games

He also said that he and all creators of works of fiction should strive to create engaging characterseven if these are bad, because the popularity of heroes also depends on them and therefore maintain a balance between the two forces.

His words are not surprising, since this concept was explored by Kojima in his most famous works, with duets such as Sam and Higgs from Death Stranding or Snake and Liquid from the series of metal gears. In either case, the characters would lose their essence and lose their purpose, since they cannot exist without each other.