What is RuTube, how to use it and can it replace YouTube for us

For several weeks, rumors have been circulating on the Internet about a block youtube in russia. The main reason for this is the systematic suppression of national media channels. Yes, there are no official reports yet about the closure of this service in our country, but it is not at all excluded that this will happen in the near future. In this case, a reasonable question arises – and how to replace youtube? Are there any sites that even slightly resemble it? Of course, RuTube immediately pops into my head. Over the past two weeks, this app has seriously risen to the top of the App Store and is in the top 20 most popular. Looks like people are using it! I decided to try it on my own skin, I gave up YouTube for a week and I’m ready to share my experience with you.

We are discussing whether RuTube will be able to replace the service familiar to everyone.

How to replace YouTube in Russia

For the first time on replace YouTube in Russia I thought after Instagram was banned (belonging to Meta, a recognized extremist organization in Russia). Then the list of apps that could replace YouTube looked like this:

I have to admit that I was fully aware of all the sites except RuTube. In VK I watched videos in different audiences, in Zen we have our own channel and I often watched the releases of my colleagues there, Yandex.Video is relevant when you use a search engine and search the good video, but not everything went well with Rutub. I think there are many people like me. Nobody really knows anything about him.

Yes, of course, I knew that Rutub belonged to the Gazprom Media holding and was planned as the main Alternatives to YouTube in Russia, with its unique content and many other goodies. But I never delved into this topic in detail, because it was trivial for nothing, there is, after all, an analogue more abruptly. And it was only after the impending wave of lockdowns that I realized it was time to investigate what was there and how.

How to use Rutube

To begin with, I would like to say that RuTube is extremely reminiscent of its big brother and has a very user-friendly interface. In principle, transfer all Russian content here, I would not even open YouTube. Why? Well, let’s go in order. The RuTube application has several tabs:

  • residence. Mishmash collected from different videos according to your preferences.
  • Catalog with very easy navigation through topics, movies and channels.
  • Emissions. All online streams and recent releases are displayed here.
  • Profile. Your subscriptions, videos, browsing history, and Watch Later section are displayed here.

I really liked the Catalog tab. All videos are divided by subject, which means it will be much more convenient to search for videos than you know where.

No, I’m telling you the truth, the catalog is really great.

For example, after a day at work, I open the app to watch an interview or a TV show. Before, when I used YouTube, I was constantly distracted by videos at work. Well, when colleagues’ iPhone SE 3 review is out, it’s a sin not to watch, okay? This is not the case with Rutube. I entered, I chose the right subject, I looked.

With the rest of the tabs exactly the same story. Nothing more than good. Yes, and I really like algorithms, like for that without looking.

Does this player remind you of anything?

The player himself is very decent. Everything is intuitive, it doesn’t take long to figure it out. almost full analogue of YouTube:

  • Top: button to adjust video speed and quality, AirPlay and picture-in-picture.
  • Below: the Share button to share content via social networks, the Watch Later button, which downloads the video to a separate folder, and a toggle switch to set the next video to autoplay.


What to watch on Rutube

It was a great joy for me to have channels blocked by youtube. I think many of our readers subscribe to TNT or other television channels. Alas, now there is practically no access to them on foreign sites. And here, here, please. The stand-up is back!

I was looking for a long time where you can watch these programs and I came across RuTube.

Additionally, there are separate sections in each catalog tab. Choose Sports, then Tuber automatically prompts you to choose Football, Basketball, etc. At the same time, the application adapts to your preferences and has flexible settings. I really liked that you can watch the western leagues. I love basketball and watch NBA music videos here. Respect!

As for the Interview, everything is more or less here. Yes, there is no other word for it. There are major publications like GQ, Glamor Russia, VOGUE (girls will appreciate), there is URA.ru, the ZhIZA channel, in general, there are a lot of interesting things. But YouTube has nothing to do with it.

This is what the Interview section of RuTube looks like. I would like to find something to see here.

The rest, of course, is very bad. Yes, it’s great for watching news and following sporting events here, but for bloggers, it just sucks. I specifically went to the section called “Bloggers” and couldn’t find a single familiar name. Well, you understand that if YouTube is really blocked in Russia, then everything will change dramatically.

RuTube Monetization

Everyone probably knows that YouTube has completely disabled monetization in Russia. As a support for Russian authors, RuTube immediately offered 100% monetization for the first 40 days of using the service. Additionally, the platform offers to share revenue with bloggers in a 50/50 ratio. That is, there is progress, but so far it is not necessary to talk about a massive transition of Russian users.

If YouTube is disabled in Russia, this service has every chance.

Another interesting fact is the number of subscribers to TV channels and bloggers. The number of StandUp in Rutube subscribers at the time of writing is just over 3k. Well, you know that’s a joke, don’t you? Keep in mind that this content is not on YouTube. And what about the videos that are simply duplicated here? In general, everything is still very bad with monetization here.

Какие приложения скачать на Айфон, пока App Store в России не заблокировали.

In the end, I will say this: RuTube has every chance of becoming the main video platform for Russian users, but whether it will work is difficult to say. Clearly there’s no point in expecting so much content like YouTube has here, but with a complete blockage of a foreign service, we won’t be lost, that’s a fact! I propose to leave your thoughts on domestic sites in our Telegram chat or in the comments below, it will be interesting to read.