What is Steam? [All About Valve Store]

Steam Today is one of the most popular computer game stores and was originally an idea to fix issues with valve title updates. In a short time, it became the main storage center for various promoters, large and independent. Learn more about what Steam is, how it was born and how it works.

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What is Steam?

Steam is a digital game distribution platform for computers (Windows, MacOS and Linux). Or, trading in children, a digital store. It was one of the first of its kind to be released and allows consumers to purchase or activate games within the service. It has a client program, which must be installed on the computer, so that the games can work, keeping everything up to date.

The Steam beta was released in 2002 by Valve Corporation, a game developer founded by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, two former Microsoft programmers (Newell is still the company’s president). The software was originally intended as a client to distribute the company’s game updates, specifically Counter-Strike . In 2003, the final version was released after a large number of testers had evaluated the software (between 80,000 and 300,000, depending on the valve).


Over time, other Valve titles linked to third-party services were supported by Steam, until the release of Half Life 2 the first steam required to operate, crucial for the popularity of the platform.

Soon after, expansion plans began. In 2005, Valve began negotiating deals with other developers to sell their games on Steam, with a 30% commission going to Valve. Since 2007, major studios like identification software ( LOSS ), Capcom ( Fighter-Fighter ) and interactive ( grave robber ), started releasing their titles on Steam, which stimulated other studios.

Today, the platform is the most popular for computer games, with a huge library of AAA and indie titles, the studios of which have always been backed by Valve.

How does the client work?

Steam operates as a client, digital store, and social network. You can buy credit card bundles, debit debt, virtual wallets or via bank statements. The purchased game goes to your “library” and can be installed whenever you want. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux, although not all games are.

If you are using MacOS or Linux, you will be limited to the game options supported by your system; Windows is compatible with the entire store collection. You can also buy games from other stores or sources, as backup codes (a 15 character key) or link games that are not available in the valve store with your library.

It is important to remember that not all computer games are available on Steam as they are linked to rival clients. The popular Fortnite, for example, is owned by the Epic Games Store (which has aggressively taken on competing titles); EA TITLES ( Battlefield > Mass effect Fifa Star Wars: Battlefront ), Origin; Blizzard Games ( World of Warcraft > Starcraft II Outwatch ), to the Battle.net client.

Finally, the platform has a huge community and you can connect with your friends through its dedicated chat, including the app for iPhone or Android.

After all, is it “”Steam” or “Steam?”

Like the old question between “O” Google or “A” Google (which Lazodigital has already answered), many people refer to Steam as masculine, while some people refer to the platform as feminine (like the store). But after all, what is good?

According to the official Brazilian Portuguese translation manual, given by the valve to candidates for translators, the service must always be treated in man, as can be verified. In the chapter ” language rules, Brazilian standards and specific rules of the STS Brazil translation team”:

Steam is used in Male (that is to say, Where to smoke).

done, solved.