What is the Cl@ve PIN and how to get it online

Bureaucracy is one of the disadvantages of public administration, but little by little technology is reducing distances and facilitating any public approach. For example, contact the online administration, from your computer or from your smartphone. Thanks to the digital certificate, the electronic DNI or the Cl@ve PIN You can do almost any procedure. This way you will avoid moving around, queuing or making an appointment.

Precisely, the Cl@ve PIN is one of the simpler methods to access the online administration. You can easily request your own Cl@ve PIN code and thus carry out procedures from your smartphone or from your computer. You only need a valid DNI/NIE and a mobile phone on which to install the official application.

Once registered in the Cl@ve PIN system, when you wish to carry out a procedure with the Public Administration via the Electronic head office of each organism, you will get a pin code Disposable. This code will be renewed automatically so that your access to the Administration is secure and that no one can access your data or pretend to be you.

I want to get my Cl@ve PIN

To use the Cl@ve PIN system, you will need to register first. There are three ways to do this. Two of them online, with or without a digital certificate, and one in person. Choosing one or the other will depend on your personal situation and the time you have available. Let’s see each one.

First method: online without electronic certificate. The easiest way to become part of Cl@ve PIN is to request a invitation letter. On paper. You will receive it at your tax address by post. In this letter, you will receive a secure verification code (CSV). To request it, you must start registration in Cl@ve. you should indicate your DNI/NIE and its expiry date. You will be asked if you would like to receive the invitation letter. Click on “Yes, send me an invitation letter to my tax address” and wait to receive said letter.