What makes Daisy a unique character?



The super mario franchise It is one of the most popular among video game fans in general. that left us many of the industry’s most memorable characters, among which stands out Mario, Nintendo’s official mascot. Other characters in this franchise are Luigi and Bowser, as well as others known around the world such as Daisy and Peach.

If we look at Super Mario characters, many of them share similar characteristics in their design, such as peach and daisy They wear very similar dresses. Although these characters coincide in many other respects, this The latter has a particularity in its design that no other female character in the franchise has.

Daisy is the only female in the franchise to have teeth.

Among all the important female characters of the saga from Super Mario, that is, Peach, Rosalina, Pauline and Daisy, the latter being the only one with teeth. This It’s not just an aesthetic detail of the final character designs, she’s really the only one whose digital modeling has teeth.

This was discovered by Manage Twitter Super Mario Brothwho recently discovered that Mario only wears red in one of the titles he’s starred in in over 30 years.

Why is he the only character with this feature?

Seeing this information, many fans pointed out that it could be due to some sort of genetic or cultural trait, as she is not from the same country as the other characters in the franchise. Daisy is the princess of saraslandwhile the others come from mushroom kingdomwhich is ruled by Princess Peach.

Maybe this design change is done on purpose to highlight Daisy’s provenanceAlthough, of course, this information is based on fan theories, it remains to be seen if Nintendo ever decides to explain itself on this point.