What to buy on Aliexpress up to 500 rubles. Only the best products

AliExpress – it is in Africa AliExpress. Therefore, even after a sharp rise in the dollar exchange rate, the products sold on the Chinese site still remain out of competition and continue to be popular. Although we are not in Africa, we like Ali very much for a wide range and affordable prices. What’s not here – from food and clothing to electronics and collectibles. But the most important thing is that there is a whole segment of goods with a price of about 500 rubles, among which we have selected the best.


There are a lot of cool items on Aliexpress for about 500 rubles


cotton light switch

An LED sensor is integrated into this sensor, which also reacts to lighting and does not switch on the light if the room is bright

Surely you also stand in the entrance energy saving light bulbs, which light up when someone on the landing makes sounds. The thing, of course, is practical, but adjusted to the fact that you need the light to go out when silence comes. Houses usually don’t put such things, because they don’t know where they can be found. But on sale on Ali there is a special sensor that allows turn on the light on the cottonwhen you need it, not your neighbors.

Price: 120 rubles

Buy cotton catcher

The sensor can be installed anywhere – even in the socket to which the switch is attached, even under the stretch ceiling, where the lamp is attached. He doesn’t care where to break the chain – at the beginning or at the end. The sensor works at a distance of up to 5-6 meters, so in theory turn on the light suddenly even if you are in another room. A light sensor is also built into the block itself, so if placed in an open area it will see that there is light in the room and ignore pops during the day.

LED strip with remote control

The LED strip is good because it is almost invisible and can be placed anywhere.

Somebody say that LED strip light in the profile of a stretch ceiling – these are bad manners. May be. But stretching such a thing under the cabinets of a kitchen set, sticking it to the base of the bed in the bedroom or placing it above the window frame is simply indispensable. It will not only create coziness, but also add light, which for me is never enough. And also such RGB ribbon can even replace a New Year’s garland, because it can shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow and flash to the rhythm of music thanks to the Bluetooth connection.

Price: 390 rubles

Buy RGB Ribbon

This tape is available in several versions: 2.5, 5, 10, 15 and 20 meters. Therefore, you can first buy the shorter version, so to speak, for testing, and then buy a few more meters – because there are no problems with the assembly of individual parts. Moreover, if necessary, you can even shorten the strip by simply cutting it according to a special markup. The strip comes with a power supply, as well as wireless remote control to change color and backlight control.

Buy a light socket

The socket with its own light is very convenient and practical

I think everyone has put at least once phone to recharge In the dark. In such conditions, it is quite difficult to get into the socket exactly the first time. Therefore, you either have to turn on the light or shove the plug around the socket in hopes of finding contact. In principle, the situation is standard, but not very pleasant. After all, the socket itself can be scratched and a lot of time and effort can be lost, since almost everywhere the sockets today are almost lowered to the ground.

Price: 505 rubles

Buy a light socket

Will help solve the problem lighted socket. It is suitable for ordinary European round sockets, so there will be no problems with installation in Russian realities. The LED, which is integrated in the lower end of the socket, gives a soft and very discreet light, so that such sockets can be placed even in the bedroom. They will not interfere with you, especially if they are not in front of your eyes, but are located at a small height from the floor, or better – on the side of the bed.

Card holder for iPhone

This wallet can also be attached to regular iPhones without MagSafe by attaching a magnet under the case

After Apple Pay was shut down in Russia, local iPhone owners had no choice but to revert to plastic cards. MirPay on iOS is not available in principle, and although SberPay works, it allows you to pay only on the Internet. So now only the cards. But where to wear them? A wallet or a purse is not good, because it takes up too much space, and carrying it only for two or three cards is already too much. Yes, and forgetfulness is commonplace, especially when you are not used to carrying anything other than a smartphone on your person.

Price: 370 rubles

Buy a card holder for iPhone

And here is one card holder with MagSafe — everything rolls. It has a circular magnet built into it that allows it to attach to the back of your iPhone 12 or 13. And, if you have an older model, it comes with a separate 0.6mm magnet. thickness that can be placed in a case and attached to your handbag. Buyers praise the strength of the attachment and say that the accessory does not fall out, even if you put your smartphone in the pocket of skinny jeans. You have the choice between several colors: brown, yellow, pink, red, blue, black and green.

What cheap headphones to buy

Cheap headphones can sound great too

Despite the widespread fashion for Bluetooth headset, wireframes are still popular because they have a number of undeniable advantages. They are less expensive, they are more practical, because they do not require recharging and replacing the batteries when they wear out, and they support lossless music because they are connected via an analog connector, and do not broadcast a digital signal. You can find worthy “ears” for listening to music even in the 500-600 ruble segment.

Price: 555 rubles

Buy QKZ Headphones

For example, this model of QKZ. This is a well-known Chinese manufacturer that produces very decent sounding and attractive looking headphones. They have an anatomically correct shape, thanks to which they fit better in the headset and are suitable for playing sports, have disconnected cables, thanks to which they can be changed in case of damage or for upgrading, as well as several color options for all tastes.

Aliexpress Mystery Box

The contents of this Mystery Box are unknown, but it is said that sometimes something valuable appears.

I left the most interesting for the end. This so called mystery box with unknown gift. By buying it, you are in effect accepting a pig in a bag, as you don’t know what you will get as a result. But the seller assures that the gifts that will be in the box are worth more than what the buyer actually pays. Judging by the reviews, everyone comes across different prices. Someone has gamepads, someone has headphones, someone has cases, and someone has electronics. For example, smartphones.

Price: 420 rubles

Buy a mystery box

To be honest, I can’t guarantee if this is actually true. Perhaps the reviews and ratings are inflated, but I personally could not take a chance and try my luck, especially for 400 rubles. Therefore, I ordered such a box for myself and now I am waiting for it to be sent. In fact, I really don’t expect anything. But even if it comes fake iPhone or fake AirPodsthen I won’t be angry. After all, it’s not so much money. But it’s interesting.