What to do… 😥 Blocking Instagram, Twitter and other networks, how to pay for purchases in online stores (on Aliexpress, for example), analogues of foreign services

What to do 2022World peace!

To be honest, I didn’t want to touch on the main subject of February-March 2022. on the blog pages… (who would have thought that the usual life could change so drastically…).

However, the latest measures of some foreign services and companies – one way or another force them to take certain measures (and there are a lot of questions …).

In order not to produce dozens of similar topics, I decided to write a note, in which I will collect all the most popular typical questions about the current situation (what to do and how to be… 😥). I will do it right away an observation: this is not a call or a recommendation to action, as they say – “think for yourself / decide for yourself …” (I will write a note in the form of my actions … ).



The content of the article

The age-old question: “what to do?”


  1. bought medicationsthat are periodically needed;
  2. order MIR card (for some reason 2 Visa cards do not work for me, not only in foreign online stores, but even in ours…);
  3. checked that there was fund reserve during six months (because work has already started to “stress”…)and distributes them between 3 cards from different banks (so that at least one of them can pay);
  4. found my huawei phonewhich does not have Google services (like 👀), and prepared it… If there are any sanctions in this regard, then I will pass;
  5. rechecked work📌VPN (in case of unavailability of some resources // about.: not only Twitter or Instagram not working, but also other more necessary resources…). Also updated 📌TOR and Epic browsers;
  6. I also checked if the 📌Yandex browser works on my system (may be useful, since it supports ascending certificates).
Instagram everything?

Instagram everything?


Safeguards, reserves

  1. disabled 📌 update Windows and Android (
    Settings – About phone – System updates – Auto update – Off.
    Google Play – Calling the context menu in the left edge of the screen – Settings – “Automatic application update” tab – “Never” mode.).

    Installed 📌second Linux operating system;

  2. makes a mirror copy 📌 of the disk with the operating system and documents;
  3. downloaded a photo archive from Google Photo (just in case…);
  4. makes a copy of files from other Google services (Keep, Gmail, Drive);
  5. replaced Dropbox and OneDrive with 📌 Yandex Drive;
  6. canceled several subscriptions to Western services (Netflix, for example). Although, probably, they would have pushed me away themselves, because. card payments not working…


Analogs of some foreign services

  1. Read the news: a selection of 📌 feeds by interests;
  2. Youtube analogs: 📌 some. noteworthy services;
  3. Instagram analogues: see 📌 selection;
  4. Play Market Analogs: 📌 selection (just in case);
  5. Analogs of MS Office (free desktops): see 📌 selection;
  6. uTorrent analogs: see 📌 selection;
  7. Analogs of paid programs: antivirus, archivers, photo processing, offices, etc. 📌See. complete selection;
  8. Analogs of Zoom (video calls and communication): see 📌 selection.



A few words about shopping, cards

  1. for pay by phone (additional measure for cards) – installed 📌MIR Pay (however, the application is not unique, it did not work on the second device…);
  2. for shopping on AliExpress today, instead of Visa and Mastercard (which do not work with foreign stores), you can use 📌Yu-mani and 📌Qiwi (I checked the other day, the payment seems to have been made, let’s see if the order is cancelled…). By the way, about a week ago the 📌WebMoney payment was working, but now it has “disappeared”…;
    Yumani and Kiwi work

    Yu-mani and Qiwi are working (for now…)

  3. instead of AliExpress (by the way) – Chinese products (partially) can be ordered in Russian. 📌Ozon and Wildberries stores;
  4. if you use megaphone – you can try to set up the 📌payment for purchases via Google Play from your phone account (it didn’t work on my Samsung this way…);
    Pay by megaphone

    Pay by megaphone

  5. soon (based on the news) banks plan to start issuing cards “Mir” – “Union Salary” – may just be suitable for shopping in foreign online stores (in the same AliExpress).


That’s all for now… All the best!


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Useful software:

  • video montage
  • Video montage

  • Excellent software to create your first videos (all steps are step by step!).
    The video will make even a beginner!

  • optimization utility
  • computing accelerator

  • A program for cleaning Windows from “garbage” (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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